Miami’s Desiccated Nobel Peace Prize Non-Laureate

In this article on NPR dealing somewhat whimsically with popular myths, in particular about superstitions about running a fan while one is asleep, you find this passage:

Do a bit of research on fan death, and you’ll find an American climatologist who — at least according to the Internet — says it’s a real thing.

That man is Larry Kalkstein of the University of Miami, and he says if you’re dehydrated, sitting in front of a fan in a hot room can make you more dehydrated. That can cause medical problems.

At first I thought somebody making self-evident statements like that would be a gardener or something. It seems though that the system is working and that Dr Larry is a real professor; technically an “educator”. Indeed something of a Nobel Laureate:

Dr. Laurence S. Kalkstein

Dr. Laurence S. Kalkstein

Kalkstein has served as a lead author and co-author on IPCC Working Group II chapters pertaining to the impact of climate change on human health. He shared the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 with other IPCC lead authors, …

Makes one humble, doesn’t it? Never mind the fact that he didn’t actually share the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. It was awarded to the IPCC organization and the AlGoracle; not the lead authors of any specific report or other IPCC contributors.

P.S.: When normal people become even slightly dehydrated, they feel “thirsty” and drink fluids; when available.

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