Renewable Energy Policy Based on Naivety, Ignorance, Ideology, Illusions and False Incentives

Pierre Gosselin reported at NoTricksZone:

Professor Blasts German Renewable Energy Policy! “Based On Naivety, Ignorance, Ideology, Illusions, False Incentives”!

Germany’s online business news magazine WirtschaftsWoche (business week) here has an interview with Professor Gonde Dittmer (right), who claims Germany’s transition to renewable energies so far has been a grand failure. The title of the WirtschaftsWoche piece:

“Doubts over the government’s climate policy. The true aim of the Energiewende is not environmental protection.”

An illusion…not a single kilogram CO2 saved

Dittmer, a professor of mathematics and electrical engineering, tells WirtschaftsWoche that all the solar and wind energy installed so far has not saved a single kilogram of CO2 and that these renewable energies are not green at all.

Huge tab for the public


He also believes that the electric cars will be a folly because much of the energy gets wasted and that they would only further burden the current supply system.

Follow the link for the whole article.

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Germany will never run on solar power. Here is why

Bernd Felsche:

Germany’s solar folly.

Originally posted on Carbon Counter:

If you rely too heavily on social media for your information, you are liable to believe that Germany now gets half of its energy from solar panels. The reality of course is that Germany gets nowhere near to half of its energy or electricity needs from solar panels. Far from it.

Last year, 5.7% of Germany’s electricity generation and 2.5% of primary energy consumption came from solar panels (BP Statistical Review of World Energy). The contribution solar panels make towards Germany’s renewable energy target (which uses the final energy consumption metric) is even lower. Less than 1.5% of German final energy consumption now comes from solar panels according to Eurostat.

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Green Mythology and the High Price of European Electricity

Euan Mearns writes at Energy Matters

Electricity Price vs Wind+Solar

The price of residential electricity in the EU is correlated with the level of renewable energy installed on a per capita basis. The data shows that more renewables leads to higher electricity bills. The notion that renewable energy is cheap is one of five Green energy myths discussed.

The chart shows a strong correlation between per capita Wind+Solar “capacity” and the consumer price of electrical power consumption.; with prices rising significantly when wind or solar capacity is increased.

A further chart indicates that nuclear power generation has no such impact.

Read the details and a further dissection of Green Mythology at the source.

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Bureau Just Makes Stuff Up: Deniliquin Remodelled so Rutherglen can be Homogenized

Jennifer Marohasy BSc PhD

Dr Marohasy

Dr Jennifer Marohasy reports on her blog:

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology just makes stuff up. You may remember Rutherglen, that town in north eastern Victoria, Australia, where the Bureau changed a slight cooling trend in the minimum temperatures to catastrophic global warming? After they were caught-out, they claimed the “adjustments” were necessary because there had been a site move. That’s right, moving a weather station between paddocks changed a cooling trend of 0.35 degree Celsius per century into a warming trend of 1.7 degree Celsius!

The Bureau, it seems, will continue to fabricate data to make weather records comply with the official projections deified by a soup of computers. Dr Marohasy is asking the Ministry of Truth Bureau of Meteorology for an explanation. See the complete blog article for the details.

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Miami’s Desiccated Nobel Peace Prize Non-Laureate

In this article on NPR dealing somewhat whimsically with popular myths, in particular about superstitions about running a fan while one is asleep, you find this passage:

Do a bit of research on fan death, and you’ll find an American climatologist who — at least according to the Internet — says it’s a real thing.

That man is Larry Kalkstein of the University of Miami, and he says if you’re dehydrated, sitting in front of a fan in a hot room can make you more dehydrated. That can cause medical problems.

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The Wayland Smithers School of Journalism

Dallas Scott wrote on his Black Steam Train blog:

The jeering was loud. Almost deafening in its unison – as hundreds of voices simultaneously uttered a long, slow “Boooooo” at the defiant man who stood before them from his position of power and privilege. The crowd refused to be silenced, their eyes fixed on him in an angry glare that reinforced the hatred coming from their mouths, the mocking tone of their cries reaching a crescendo that seemed to confuse their target, before his trusted advisor could intervene.

“They’re not saying ‘Boo’, they’re saying “Boo-urns”.

Just as Wayland Smithers protected Montgomery Burns in The Simpsons, sections of our media, together with the hierarchy of the unnecessary at the AFL, are now lying to protect Adam Goodes in much the same way. “They’re not booing you Adam, they’re just displaying their deep seated racism the only way they can”, or in Smithers-speak, “They’re not saying Boo, they’re saying “Boo-oong!”

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The Subversion of Science by Green-Left Politics

John Reid

John Reid

John Reid has a PhD in Upper Atmosphere Physics from the University of Tasmania. He has worked for the Australian Antarctic Division and CSIRO in auroral physics, ocean waves and fluid dynamic modelling. He discovered cosmic noise absorption pulsations and the physics underlying the frequency down-shifting of surface gravity waves. John is presently working on a method for distinguishing between cyclical behaviour and random walk excursions in natural time series.

In a recent blog article, John provided the world with the following: Continue reading

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FAQ: How is a Wind Farm Offensive?

STOP this nonsense

  • Economically; because it destroys more prosperity than what it ever generates.
  • Ecologically; because it consumes more resources and destroys more habitat than other power sources while altering regional climate.
  • Energetically; because it cannot provide useful electrical power essential for modern society.
  • Aesthetically; because it industrialises natural and rural landscapes.

In summary; because it doesn’t do what it promises and does much more real damage than the alleged damage of conventional electrical power generation.

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The eco-Pope: When the infallible fails

Ivo Vegter should stop channeling my thoughts. Or maybe not because it saves me writing them down.

Greens are loving the Pope’s recent encyclical “on care for our common home”. This seems to make for odd bedfellows, but organised environmentalism and organised religion are much more similar than you might think.

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Environmentalism as a Religion

Michael CrichtonIn September 2003, writer, filmmaker, medical doctor, scientist and visionary Michael Crichton spoke to the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. I’ve extracted some passages from his full speech which can be read here.

Perceiving the truth has always been a challenge to mankind, but in the information age (or as I think of it, the disinformation age) it takes on a special urgency and importance. …

I studied anthropology in college, and one of the things I learned was that certain human social structures always reappear. They can’t be eliminated from society. One of those structures is religion.

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