Journalist Beats up Young Girl in the Raw

Now you’ve swallowed the headline, allow me to reel you in.


Mike Rowe is a champion of competence and of encouraging people to find and to exercise their own competence for their own good and for the betterment of society as a whole. This article consists almost entirely of a recent Facebook post of his addressing the abysmal reporting of a kerfuffle in Raw Story. I’ve re-formatted it to suit the blog. Continue reading

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Vote in the UK’s EU Referendum

Go out and vote if you are entitled to do so.

Don’t make your decision on how to vote based on personalities.

Rest assured that Boris Johnson won’t automatically become Prime Minister if you vote for the UK to leave the EU.

Look at facts. Look at how the EU has been performing. Looks at how the EU is being run. Don’t fall for the smoke and mirrors. It is easy to do because the EU is designed as a hall of mirrors. Continue reading

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UK Leave Convinced, but Having No Idea.

PublicInformationSymbol_EmergencyExit.svgJohn Brignell has awarded his Number of the Month to £350,000,000

This number is the weekly amount that “Vote Leave” claims the UK gives to the EU. It is not just a wrong number; it is a blatantly stupid, counter-productive and campaign-wrecking wrong number. It openly invites the devastating put-down that it has received. Whether its use is an act of treachery or incompetence is unclear, though it is hard to believe that anyone could be that incompetent. The EU bureaucracy has previously exhibited its skill in rigging referendums – “You will keep on voting until you vote the right way: then you will stop!” …

I put my money on incompetence (or laziness). They found a number and ran with it, not knowing what it means nor understanding that people will check.

But don’t let the incompetence of some ruin your lives. There are plenty of good reasons; not discussed by the chattering classes; for the UK to leave the EU.

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EU Confirms it’s Heading in the Wrong Direction

As there’s a referendum on the 23rd of June that will allow the people of the UK to vote to leave the EU, I’d like to provide another reason to vote to leave. First, the data:

According to the EU’s own Standard Eurobarometer 84 (30MB PDF) Report from last November; fewer than half the people in EU member countries think the EU is heading in the right direction. Here a graphic from page 88 of that report.

WrongDirectionEU Continue reading

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UK Votes: In or Out

great-debateToday, the 7th of June, is the last day when British expat’s can register to vote in the Referendum being held on the 23rd.

That’s the day when the people of Britain vote in a referendum on remaining or leaving the European Union.

Recent articles here on the EU:

To help understand the EU one must look people who’ve been dissecting it for decades.

People like Mary Ellen Synon and Dr Richard North. The former has been “embedded” in Brussels for decades as a journalist, the latter is a historian with at least a decade of work on an EU Referendum. Both are quite unlike the majority of commentarians because they do allow facts to get in the way of their arguments. Christopher Booker often works with Richard North on certain subjects and “blogs” rationally in Britain’s Telegraph. Continue reading

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Butter Up Your Life

As many have suspected for quite some time cholesterol is not bad for you. Well it’s not the demon that some would like us to believe. There have been decades of false signals based on a flawed hypothesis, not just relating to cholesterol in food, but on the consumption of animal fats in general.

The first step that you can take to get back to a reasonable enjoyment of food is to Stop Refrigerating Your Butter. A simple butter dish can help get your diet back in balance, reducing a tendency to consume sugar and all too much grain, simply because you don’t feel satisfied after eating what ought to be enough to keep your body nourished and energised.

Continue reading

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Britain vs. Canada on Leaving the EU

A recent vox pop. survey in Canada revealed a dominant reluctance amongst young Canadians for Canada to leave the EU.


Survey says: Canadian majority says Canada should stay in the EU

Imagine how difficult it is to campaign for Britain to leave the EU, the UK actually being part of the EU.

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A letter to British voters

Excerpts from a letter from Pete North:

Dear British voter,

Terribly sorry to interrupt your largely apolitical lives with all this referendum nonsense. Must be an awful chore to have to inform yourselves about something and make a decision. This is normally what you pay politicians for.

By now you will have been told by the great and the good that the sky will fall in and nobody will want to talk to us if we leave the EU. You strongly suspect it’s bullshit and you are absolutely right.Continue reading

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Plans to reduce WA wheatbelt salinity and utilize Wellington Dam

well-block-diagramWater everywhere. And people too stubborn to use it.

Warwick Hughes reminds us about the Agritech Salinity Crisis Action Plan and the Wellington Dam Desalination proposal.

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George Washington: the first and greatest Brexiteer

Mary Ellen Synon blogs:washington-delaware

I always feel uneasy when someone here in Brussels – usually one of the ‘Europe is my country” types – insists on drawing parallels between the development of the United States and the development of the EU. There are no parallels. The idea that the two are in any way the same kind of creature is grotesque.

The Framers of the US Constitution perfected the British constitution for a federal republic. They established a federal government of strictly defined and highly limited powers, with the states and their people retaining their individual sovereignty.

The European Project was from the first a project to construct by stealth a supranational power to destroy the sovereignty of the member states, under a government the limitation of whose powers would never be defined.

So, no parallels. …

Read the rest by following the link.

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