A letter to British voters

Excerpts from a letter from Pete North:

Dear British voter,

Terribly sorry to interrupt your largely apolitical lives with all this referendum nonsense. Must be an awful chore to have to inform yourselves about something and make a decision. This is normally what you pay politicians for.

By now you will have been told by the great and the good that the sky will fall in and nobody will want to talk to us if we leave the EU. You strongly suspect it’s bullshit and you are absolutely right.Continue reading

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Plans to reduce WA wheatbelt salinity and utilize Wellington Dam

well-block-diagramWater everywhere. And people too stubborn to use it.

Warwick Hughes reminds us about the Agritech Salinity Crisis Action Plan and the Wellington Dam Desalination proposal.

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George Washington: the first and greatest Brexiteer

Mary Ellen Synon blogs:washington-delaware

I always feel uneasy when someone here in Brussels – usually one of the ‘Europe is my country” types – insists on drawing parallels between the development of the United States and the development of the EU. There are no parallels. The idea that the two are in any way the same kind of creature is grotesque.

The Framers of the US Constitution perfected the British constitution for a federal republic. They established a federal government of strictly defined and highly limited powers, with the states and their people retaining their individual sovereignty.

The European Project was from the first a project to construct by stealth a supranational power to destroy the sovereignty of the member states, under a government the limitation of whose powers would never be defined.

So, no parallels. …

Read the rest by following the link.

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Die Welt mit den Augen anderer Menschen

Jörg Baberowski in der Basler Zeitung

Warum ist es eigentlich so schwer, die Welt mit den Augen anderer Menschen zu sehen? Sind die Abwehr der illegalen Einwanderung in ­Ostdeutschland und der nationale Selbst­behauptungsanspruch in den ostmitteleuropäischen Ländern wirklich ein Ausdruck rechts­extremer Gesinnung? Menschen, die über ­Jahrzehnte gezwungen wurden, gegen ihren ­Willen die Regierung zu preisen, die Wirklichkeit zu leugnen und an Wahlen teilzunehmen, die nichts zur Wahl stellten, reagieren empfindlich auf jeden Versuch, sie zu bevormunden und sie zu zwingen, das Lied der Tugendwächter zu singen. Sie verlangen, selbst darüber entscheiden zu ­dürfen, in welcher Welt sie leben und mit wem sie sie teilen wollen. Nichts ist schlimmer als das Gefühl, den Verhältnissen ohnmächtig ­ausgeliefert zu sein und von überforderten ­Politikern zurechtgewiesen zu werden, die viel verlangen, aber nichts zu geben haben.

Translated Continue reading

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European Travel Without Borders – Schengen Simplified

schengen_eu_countriesWith the European Union in disarray, there’s a lot of confusion and misinformation about the open borders within Europe. e.g. why people claiming to be refugees are streaming across borders.

One thing must be clear: The Schengen Agreement is separate to the European Union. Visa-free travel between nations that are signatories to the Schengen Agreement applies only to citizens of the respective signatory countries. Click on the map to be taken to the official web site.

i.e. If you’re not a citizen of a country signed up to Schengen, you will need a visa to cross any of its borders, external and internal. Continue reading

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The #dieselgate Crusade (Part 2)

Following on from an earlier blog post

The US-EPA, politicians, presstitutes and activists pretending to be journalists regularly conflate different types of tailpipe emissions. They wouldn’t do it if they were trying to inform the public. Instead they only try to persuade it.

Steve Milloy addressed the fanatic tailpipe sniffers in this article on Breitbart. emissions-test-getty-640x480

MIT researchers are claiming that Volkswagen’s diesel emissions shenanigans have killed 60 unidentified Americans. They further claim that unless VW fixes the emissions problem by the end of 2016, another 130 unidentified people will bite the dust. This is all nonsense.

Continue reading

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Perth water utility pleads for more water

Warwick Hughes takes yet another look at the absurd mismanagement of water supply to the capital city of Western Australia.

The solutions to Perth water problems are not hard to grasp

He clearly illustrates, using the rainfall figures for the catchment areas, that the efficiency of catchments has been degraded since the 1990’s.

Perth Dams- Warwick Hughes

Water Corporation persists in using Perth rainfall figures to justify why there is less streamflow into the reservoirs; but none of Perth’s rainfall runs up the hills to the streams running into the catchments.

It seems that successive State Governments and Water Corporation have done nothing more than “managing” the problem towards its ultimate outcome; resulting in the dams being entirely ineffective and the population having to pay dearly for less and less potable water.

Follow the link to Warwick’s full article.


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The #dieselgate Crusade

If there is no physical evidence required for prosecution; simply an allegation of a possibility of harm in the indefinite future, then you’ve built yourself a happy tyranny.


Consider the following piece of satire. It incorporates only 4 deliberate inventions of fact.

SCOOP! Volkswagen Group of America Bugs Out

Coming soon: Bibliography of facts

Update 2016-02-15: Followup article with reading list.

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#NOAAgate: NOAA goes into Global Hiding


Via Scottish Sceptic

An Editorial of the Las Vegas Review-Journal says that NOAA goes into global hiding:

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the country’s taxpayer-funded scientific authority on all things sea and air, is behind new research that bolsters the assertion that the planet is warming. A growing body of recent research has identified a warming “pause,” or at least a slowdown in temperature increases, over the past 15 years. These data have hurt the arguments of climate change defenders, who insist that urgent, sweeping government action is needed to slow down global warming. Because warming already has slowed without such Draconian action, costly new regulations clearly aren’t needed at all.

Continue reading

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NOAA Idea of the Political Climate

Image source NOAA Via Breitbart

NOAA is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States of America has been promoting the notion of catastrophic climate change produced by man-made emissions of CO2 gas by burning carbon-based fuels.

Mike Hasler who blogs as Scottish Sceptic has been keeping his finger on the quickening pulse of NOAAgate. It looks like some funny business going on with how NOAA is arousing data before presenting it to the people who need to make decisions based on the results.

Here’s a summary of the story so far: Continue reading

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