Activists: Play with your own Willie

Christopher Essex comes out swinging in the Financial Post:

Small minds do not understand the importance of unorthodox thinking to science”
Beheading, war crimes, prison, death threats. Perhaps you think I’m talking about IS. No, it’s just the routine hyperbolic language of media climate activism, and the minds of our cultural overlords. Next December policymakers will try again to save the world from what they don’t understand by proposing policy on something else, which won’t work anyway.

Every debate has boundaries; beyond them lies other subjects. Climate debates are unique: Their boundaries exclude their own subject. Few of the elites, journalists, or academics come close to actually discussing climate. Nearly all of them try to address physics, chemistry, computer science, and mathematics by talking anthropology instead. Try discussing anything useful with such rules.

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Dana Nuttercelli Says There Never Was A Global Cooling Scare

Bernd Felsche:

An honest to goodness “climate change denier”

Originally posted on Real Science:

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Forum on climate change postponed due to snow

Bernd Felsche:

Is this like the fortune teller who’s having a day off due to unexpected illness?

Originally posted on Tallbloke's Talkshop:

Snow mountain [image credit:] Snow mountain [image credit:]
It’s not funny to be facing the result of massive snowfalls but this might be an exception.

BOSTON – A legislative forum on climate change has been postponed, ironically, due to the weather.

“I hope these repeated, severe storms serve as a platform for some important conversations around bolstering our natural and built infrastructure against climate change once a new date has been set for this discussion,” said State Sen. Marc Pacheco (D-Taunton), who chairs the Senate Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change and organized the summit.

The forum had been scheduled for Tuesday at the Statehouse, but the MBTA is shut down Tuesday as Massachusetts continues to dig out from an unprecedented amount of snowfall.

Pacheco’s forum was going to include numerous speakers from environmental organizations and academia as well as Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs Matthew Beaton, Senate President Stan Rosenberg…

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Fracking Fuels Competition and Freedom

With the OPEC prices of oil dropping through the bottom of the barrel, driven by the desire to send cheap oil from fracking into “bankruptcy”, fuel prices for motorists are dropping around the world.

That doesn’t just save people money when the refuel, that cash can be used to further improve their prosperity. They can choose to spend it on something else or to spend more on fuel drive further for pleasure or to pursue bargains further afield than previously. It means that more suppliers are a viable option for more people so pricing will be tend to be increasingly competitive.

Quality of life can improve as people rediscover the long-lost pleasure of a weekend drive in their own car; exploring the world beyond the horizons of their daily humdrum.

And, although interest rates are still low, some may wisely pay off their debts a little bit sooner, using some of the money saved at the bowser.

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Not the Worst Drought in 80 Years

Bernd Felsche:

ABC fail again in its basic duty to journalism.

George Orwell said:

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations.”

Originally posted on kenskingdom:

Last night on the 7.00 p.m. ABC TV Queensland news there was a report on the Annual Climate Statement 2014 released by the Bureau of Meteorology yesterday (January 6).  I could not believe my ears, and as soon as it was on iview ( ) I checked- several times.

The reader, Matt Wordsworth, clearly reports that the Bureau says Queensland has experienced “the worst drought in 80 years”.  The Bureau’s Jeff Sabburg was interviewed and claimed that 37.3% of the state was covered by the lowest rainfall on record.

Now I do know that much of Queensland has been very dry for a long time, with the northwest being especially bad, having missed two wet seasons (2012-13 and 2013-14).  Before you think I am callous, uncaring, and uninformed, I should let you know I was raised on a farm, my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents were farmers, my brother and…

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Nuke Kwinana

Despite the freshly branded name, Kwinana remains at heart, a town in Western Australia, still hosting some of its surviving heavy industries as well as still-verdant residential area, home to the employed, formerly employed and “aspirants”. Many of the employed however use the town mainly as a dormitory, many heavy industry jobs having fallen during various economic turmoils.

Kwinana is significant in being the heavy industry hub of the metropolitan area of the state capital, Perth. Amongst other industry, there are still an oil refinery and an alumina refinery and focus of this post; the Kwinana Power Station. Continue reading

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The Lemur Climate Conference

First picture as delegates bustle to collect their luggage after arriving at the airport.

Lemur Climate ConferencePicture found at Johns Hopkins University’s News-Letter site.
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European Alps Getting Colder

The presstitutes at the Sydney Boring Herald babble on about  Dismantling ski lifts in Europe as world warms up whereas rigorous measurements indicate that European Winters Show Clear Cooling Trend since Hansen’s 1988 Testimony.

Claims of rising temperatures appear to arise from Shifting Heat Island Trends. (I’ll work out an abbreviation later.)

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Mind the Gap

There are attempts to pull the wool over the public’s eyes regarding the “success” of Germany’s Energiewende. Some loudly proclaiming nonsense that leads others to believe that “Germany gets most of its electricity from wind and solar power”.

Here is a graph (from Agora Energiewende) of the actual figures showing how much of Germany’s electrical power consumption (the squiggly line in red) was provided by Wind and Solar PV over the past month.
German Wind+PV and ConsumptionThe big, white gap between the red squiggle and the blue and yellow peaks is what has to be filled largely by conventional means; substantially coal, nuclear and gas, some hydroelectric and a little pumped storage and biomass. Visit the Agora Energiewende site for a interactive charts to see where Germany actually gets its electrical power.

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Helping people who have fallen into a “climate panic”

(Adapted from Realizing my own discriminatory feelings was the moment of awakening)

I feel that “climate panic” has a similar system of reliance to that of cults. In the world of those who have fallen into a panic, there are friends who will accept them among all their unfulfillment and anxiety. People of a similar disposition can help lick each other’s wounds. Moreover, there is a lot of exchange of information on the internet, away from the annoyances of reality. Even more, it’s possible to give up thinking with your own head. There are “gurus” or, in this case, “sources of frightening information” to show you the way, so it’s not very taxing. I felt a complete sense of safety in this nice space that doesn’t exist in the real world.

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