The eco-Pope: When the infallible fails

Ivo Vegter should stop channeling my thoughts. Or maybe not because it saves me writing them down.

Greens are loving the Pope’s recent encyclical “on care for our common home”. This seems to make for odd bedfellows, but organised environmentalism and organised religion are much more similar than you might think.

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Environmentalism as a Religion

Michael CrichtonIn September 2003, writer, filmmaker, medical doctor, scientist and visionary Michael Crichton spoke to the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. I’ve extracted some passages from his full speech which can be read here.

Perceiving the truth has always been a challenge to mankind, but in the information age (or as I think of it, the disinformation age) it takes on a special urgency and importance. …

I studied anthropology in college, and one of the things I learned was that certain human social structures always reappear. They can’t be eliminated from society. One of those structures is religion.

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Remember Rutherglen, and “Whoever has Honor Follow Me!”

Dr Jennifer Marohasy writes about the Technical Advisory Forum on the Australian Climate Observations Reference Network (ACORN-SAT); whose purpose seemed to be to cover up the Bureau of Meteorology’s incompetence, not to shed light upon its practices and malpractices that include the heinous fudging of meteorological data to fit in with the lucrative support of the Climate Change meme.

Dr Marohasy explicitly identified Rutherglen in Victoria as one weather station whose data had been homogenized out of reality; producing a warming trend when the raw data from an unchanged weather station indicate a slight cooling. Continue reading

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The Pope’s Shiny New Encylical

Well, it is a religious issue. And only that.

Back in 2008, Ian McFadyen wrote on Quadrant about Our New Established Religion. Here are a few excerpts:

As magic evolved into religion and shamans into priests, natural catastrophes were linked less to the capriciousness of the gods and more to the observance, or lack thereof, of divine commandments. Droughts, hurricanes and floods were characterised as punishments for human immorality.

Then, almost overnight, the belief that natural phenomena were the result of sorcery or divine punishment crumbled with the advent of the scientific revolution. In little more than 400 years—an extraordinarily brief time in the total span of civilisation—the old beliefs in spirits, possessions, spells, curses, hexes, charms and God’s wrath, were replaced by medicine, chemistry, mathematics, biology, geology and physics. …

But the old narratives were only biding their time, waiting for their moment to re-emerge, patiently weaving the new threads of science into their tapestry.

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Flying Without Fossil Fuels: The Need For High Energy Density

Bernd Felsche:

Flights of fancy

Originally posted on Carbon Counter:

There are few more remarkable machines than a Boeing 747. Four hundred people can be hurled half way across the planet with levels of comfort, efficiency and reliability that would have been deemed miraculous by those living a few centuries ago. A vision of the incredible technical proficiency humanity has gained since the Industrial Revolution, the Boeing 747 is also a remarkably potent symbol of what we can achieve with fossil fuels, and what we currently cannot achieve with their low carbon alternatives.

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Magna Carta: Reasonable Discussion

Attempting a reasonable discussion is pointless with the unreasonable. The unreasonable must be brought to the table by other means. If not by sword, then perhaps by satire.

Signing the Magna Carta

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The Future Isn’t Ours to Dictate

Bernd Felsche:

Let us be serious. When Barack Obama, David Cameron, and Angela Merkel manage to balance their national budgets that’s a major accomplishment. The idea that younger generations, equipped with as-yet-undreamed-of technological marvels, will feel constrained by what was said at a press conference this week is plain bonkers.

Originally posted on Big Picture News, Informed Analysis:

It is not the business of today’s politicians to decide which energy sources will be used 85 years from now.

candlestick_phoneclick for photo source

In 1930, horse-drawn wagons were still common. That year, the first traffic lights were installed in New York City, and the first East-West crossing of the Atlantic took place via airplane. Vaccines for illness such as diphtheria, tetanus, cholera, typhoid, and tuberculosis were yet to be discovered. This was a world without television, without computers, and in which telephones were definitely not portable.

How ridiculous would it have been for political leaders back in 1930 to decide how we, here in 2015, should live? In an era before large hydro electric dams and nuclear reactors, how sensible would it have been for US President Herbert Hoover, British PM Ramsay MacDonald, and German Chancellor Heinrich Brüning to decide what energy sources societies should rely on…

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Appreciating the Waste of Precious Time

A productive life is admirable for those enjoying the fruits of production.

What if one enjoys being “unproductive”?

Although not entirely unproductive for this model constructor, his unproductivity is nevertheless admirable. It’s all in the detail

Fly Models 1/32 Arado AR-234 B-2

It’s all in the detail

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Energy Expert Warns of Costs Avalanche in Zero-Carbon Society

Pierre Gosselin reports at NoTricksZone on Germany’s leading renewable energy expert and climate science critic Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt warning of the irrational and panicked rush into renewable energy.

Vahrenholt writes: (Pierre’s translation)

In order to produce the same amount of power with wind, we would see a surface area consumption and corresponding destruction of natural habitat on an astronomical scale.

Follow the link to NoTricksZone for the full story.

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Anti-Lomborgs Object to a Sense of Proportion

Further to my previous article related to the University of Western Australia refusing to host the Copenhagen Consensus Centre even when $4,000,000 (of “my” money) are waved under its nose; Manicbeancounter Kevin Marshall blogs regarding ATTP on Lomborg’s Australian Funding:

What he is rejecting as simplistic is the method of identifying the interrelated issues separately, understanding the relative size of the problems along with the effectiveness and availability of possible solutions and then prioritizing them.

In other words: ATTP (and others) object to anybody with a sense of proportion. Continue reading

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