Anti-Lomborgs Object to a Sense of Proportion

Further to my previous article related to the University of Western Australia refusing to host the Copenhagen Consensus Centre even when $4,000,000 (of “my” money) are waved under its nose; Manicbeancounter Kevin Marshall blogs regarding ATTP on Lomborg’s Australian Funding:

What he is rejecting as simplistic is the method of identifying the interrelated issues separately, understanding the relative size of the problems along with the effectiveness and availability of possible solutions and then prioritizing them.

In other words: ATTP (and others) object to anybody with a sense of proportion. Continue reading

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Australia’s Climate Youth’s March

Tony Thomas writes about the little Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) darlings; marching in their cute costumes; and anybody can join. One only need a name (any name will do), state of residence, “age” and an email address. They’re acceptingly diverse; even spaniels can join to show their concern for a safe climate future. Or maybe just because they’re going along with a friend. Not just the spaniels, I suspect.

The AYCC’s Gauleiter at the University of Western Australia likely kindled the pyre upon which Bjørn Lomborg’s Consensus Centre was incinerated, as an example to all those who would dare to challenge ideas. It seems that the AYCC considers some ideas to be too dangerous to be heard even by critical, professional thinkers at a sandstone University.

But don’t let me spoil all the fun. Let Tony Thomas fill you in on the details of the slick AYCC machinery behind the clumsy costumes and stunts.

Continue reading

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Believing in Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast, and Climate Models

Dr Christopher Essex explains in this YouTube video how you can make two million dollars (around the 26 minute mark) thereby allowing climate models to actually work. finiteBecause the climate models don’t do any actual physics. Begin by solving the Navier-Stokes Equations. Resolve P vs NP. Continue reading

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Dear Magna Carta

Brendan O’Neill, editor of spiked, wrote 800 years on, why Magna Carta still matters. He concludes:

We need a new and serious debate on freedom, on why it’s important and why we need more of it. Magna Carta did not only articulate the rule of law — it also, through its shackling of a divine king in the name of the freedom of non-divine barons, promised a rebalancing of the relationship between the state and the individual, with the former being bound by rules in order to allow the latter to get on with his life as he sees fit. Today, that relationship is being turned around: the sovereignty of the individual seems weak, while the authority of the state, on everything from what we say to how we parent, is growing. Inspired by Magna Carta, and by the many generations who cited it in their fights for freedom, we need to find a way to fortify the ‘brazen wall’, the ‘impregnable bulwark’, between the state and the individual. spiked starts that debate today.

Emphasis is mine.

More articles will follow; leading up to the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta.

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Indisputable Election Result: Britain Wants Maggie

We want Maggie

British vote for Maggie

Subliminal vote result: British people want Maggie (back).

It’d be sad if you can’t tell which Maggie.

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Mad as a Box of Frogs

A few days of smog and the French government has totally lost the plot.

The Eiffel Tower is to be dismantled in the lead up to IPCC’s COP21 at the end of November this year, symbolising France’s contribution to the lowering of carbon emissions.

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Masdar City: A Zero Carbon, Zero Waste Myth

Republished without permission from

Not only in popular media but also on serious scientific fora1–3 the up-and-coming ‘Masdar City’ near Abu Dhabi is being projected as a ‘carbon neutral, zero waste’ urban cluster. It is being repeatedly claimed that Masdar City would
serve as a model for carbon neutral, zero waste urbanization of the future2.

There is no reason to doubt the noble intentions of the Government of Abu
Dhabi in funding this expensive venture – estimated to cost upward of US$22billion – but it is difficult to see that Masdar City will manage to be a ‘low carbon, low waste’ city, let alone a ‘carbon neutral, zero waste’ one. Continue reading

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Throttle the ABC

If you’re over 25 and have been in Australia for that long, it’s possible that you remember that Australia national (taxpayer-funded) electronic broadcaster; the ABC was operating on just one TV channel and, before the arrival of FM radio, no more than 2 radio stations available in any one area.

It is unreasonable for taxpayers to be forced to pay for more than that in today’s media landscape.

Continue reading

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Earth Hour Offsets Exchange Opens in Tórshavn

Never heard of Tórshavn?

It’s the Capital of the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic between Iceland and Scotland. Although it’s tacitly a part of Denmark, it’s explicitly not part of the European Union (EU) so they can do as they wish with regards to traditional fishing and trade.

And trade they can this year in a unique commodity called non-diurnal darkness (NDD), thanks to a total solar eclipse over the region of the islands on the 20th of March, 2015. It’ll be a surplus of darkness for the Faroese population, disrupting their working day so the Løgting today passed a law allowing in the trade of NDD, facilitating exchange with municipalities around the world to e.g. offset the WWF’s Earth Hour. Continue reading

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Iceland Gives EU the Cold Shoulder

Deutsche Welle reported quietly yesterday:  Iceland withdraws EU accession bid

Foreign Minister Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson said that the subject was off the table. And the differences are about a lot more than just fishing. It’s also about sovereignty and not getting caught up in somebody else’s mess.

Iceland was able to recover from the financial crash of 2008 because it could do what suited Iceland. Including the prosecution of bankers. It did not have to please anybody else, nor were its internal economics excessively tied to the policies of other countries. (see e.g. Spiegel and Forbes)

The Deutsche Welle report points out that this means little inconvenience for Icelanders:

Iceland is still a member of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) – along with Norway, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein – and the European Economic Area (EEA), working closely alongside the EU without being part of it. It also signed the Schengen Agreement, allowing the free movement of citizens through most EU nations as well as Norway.

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