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Diesel Bans Based on Limits Within “Natural” Variability

Update 2018-10-24: Marathon Runners cause limits to be exceeded. Details below. For those who don’t know, the EU set ambient NOx level limits to 40 µg per cubic metre. The limit have recently been (ab)used by Lawyers Without Reason (DUH) … Continue reading

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When All Fails, Declare Success

In Europe; they’re already declared success in meeting their 2020 emissions targets last year. With respect to the objectives set by the EU 20-20-20 strategy, nine Member states have already reached the level required to meet their national renewable energy … Continue reading

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The Subversion of Science by Green-Left Politics

John Reid has a PhD in Upper Atmosphere Physics from the University of Tasmania. He has worked for the Australian Antarctic Division and CSIRO in auroral physics, ocean waves and fluid dynamic modelling. He discovered cosmic noise absorption pulsations and the physics underlying … Continue reading

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West Virginians Flee from Smell of Mint-Licorice Airfreshener.

If only the British had known! You may have heard/seen on the “news” that there was a chemical spill in West Virginia, USA recently. Lots of people got really, really scared because it was a chemical.

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