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A Spectre of Meltdown

Turning it off and on again will not fix the problem. Timothy Prickett Morgan writes about a couple of the latest significant security threats to computers at The Next Platform. If thinking about computers hurts your brain; avert thine eyes. … Continue reading

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Why Wind Farms Suck

Found this paper. Flow Adjustment Inside and Around Large Finite-Size Wind Farms Abstract In this study, large-eddy simulations are performed to investigate the flow inside and around large finite-size wind farms in conventionally-neutral atmospheric boundary layers. Special emphasis is placed … Continue reading

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We can see clearly now

Some would rather that you not notice that Terrible Air in India Killed No One Thanks to Steve Milloy for clearing the air. EPA claims blue-sky air kills 570,000 Americas per year. Below is a snapshot of recent air quality … Continue reading

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We should be grateful. How the cost of light has fallen by a factor of 500,000 As the BBC recently pointed out, our prehistoric ancestors needed to gather and chop “wood 10 hours a day for six days… [in order … Continue reading

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CO2 is Not a Pollutant

The Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) is the new vehicle fuel consumption and emissions testing procedure being adopted in Europe and other places as of next year. I visited the site designed to educate consumers and other parties … Continue reading

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Parliamentary Constipation

For those not familiar with the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia may be puzzled about the current distraction of government from its nominal business. The Constitution is the rules under which the Commonwealth operates and the clause that put … Continue reading

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Freiheit als höchster Wert

Fundstücke zu Hayek. Rezension im Deutschlandfunk. Die Verfassung der Freiheit (ISBN 3161458443) Freiheit als höchster Wert Das Buch ist in mancherlei Hinsicht unzeitgemäß, und auch darin liegt sein Reiz. Hayek verzahnt die Perspektive seines Fachs mit der Philosophie und dem … Continue reading

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A Case for “No”

Australia’s  infinitely wise government is using taxpayers’ money to ask the people if they would agree to change the Marriage Act to permit same-sex marriage. (Shades of The Rise And Rise of Michael Rimmer) Different source put the proportion of … Continue reading

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The Constitution of Liberty

I’ve been reading. F.A. Hayek’s The Constitution of Liberty (ISBN 978-0-415-40424-2). The book had been on the shelf beside my bed for a few years, scarcely read. As during my university days in the late 1970’s to early 1980’s; one … Continue reading

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TFFS – Taxpayer Funded Feckless Scientists

Never attribute to malice that which can be accounted for by incompetence. Tony Heller (aka Steve Goddard on Twitter and elsewhere) of RealClimateScience produced a short video exposing the fecklessness of the “scientists” who signed a report in which there … Continue reading

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