Get Smart

Stupidity is already infinite

Your adding to it makes no difference.

97% of Scientists say…

Nature (what is natural; not the periodical) doesn’t take popularity polls to decide what it should do. It does what it does, without declaring how or why. We can at best guess. We will never know for sure.

One thing of which we can be sure is when theories and hypotheses are wrong; because the real world is observed to work differently.

Ultimately, we must however accept that all theories are possibly wrong; even the ones which have not yet been falsified by observed phenomena. Accepting that our theories might be wrong opens our minds to seeing falsification. We can then progress to developing new theories which are less wrong, while understanding somewhat the limits of applicability of the falsified theories.

Consider as an example Newtonian mechanics; which works well enough at velocities a small fraction of the speed of light and on the macroscopic scale of matter. Newtonian mechanics fail to describe behaviour at the microscopic, molecular, atomic and sub-atomic levels; and they don’t work well at velocities approaching the speed of light. For many observable phenomena visible to the naked eye; etc, Newtonian mechanics are good enough to describe and to extrapolate behaviour.

We must remain aware of these limits and can use appropriate theories (which are quite a bit more complex) for the circumstances near and beyond the limits.