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Czechia and Poland Give Germany the Shifts

Tallbloke reports Germany’s renewables revolution destabilises neighbours’ electrical grid  This has been going on for a while but is probably getting worse. The Poles and Czechs are now setting their phase-shifters to ‘stun’. 😉 H/T GWPF Germany’s excess power spills … Continue reading

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A Winter of Discontent

Deutsche Welle has an article that asks What happens with German renewables in the dead of winter? I note that the article avoids including graphics from Agora-Energiewende that illustrate the folly of the Energiewende; but DW includes the absurd declaration … Continue reading

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When All Fails, Declare Success

In Europe; they’re already declared success in meeting their 2020 emissions targets last year. With respect to the objectives set by the EU 20-20-20 strategy, nine Member states have already reached the level required to meet their national renewable energy … Continue reading

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Children: Listen!

Columnist Henryk Broder exposes Germany’s broadcast-licence (GEZ) funded NDR “Kids News” as an example of brain-washing children.

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My Eight Questions to Angela Merkel

Translated without permission from the original in German at Die Achse des Guten By Hamed Abdel-Samad. Honourable Federal Chancelloress, Honourable Minister of the Interior! Time’s up. Calendar quotes and the continual warning of the AfD are no longer sufficient to … Continue reading

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The Wrath of the Awakened Saxons

Rudyard Kipling wrote this piece: It was not part of their blood, It came to them very late, With long arrears to make good, When the Saxon began to hate. They were not easily moved, They were icy — willing … Continue reading

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Die Welt mit den Augen anderer Menschen

Jörg Baberowski in der Basler Zeitung Warum ist es eigentlich so schwer, die Welt mit den Augen anderer Menschen zu sehen? Sind die Abwehr der illegalen Einwanderung in ­Ostdeutschland und der nationale Selbst­behauptungsanspruch in den ostmitteleuropäischen Ländern wirklich ein Ausdruck … Continue reading

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European Travel Without Borders – Schengen Simplified

With the European Union in disarray, there’s a lot of confusion and misinformation about the open borders within Europe. e.g. why people claiming to be refugees are streaming across borders. One thing must be clear: The Schengen Agreement is separate … Continue reading

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The #dieselgate Crusade (Part 2)

Following on from an earlier blog post The US-EPA, politicians, presstitutes and activists pretending to be journalists regularly conflate different types of tailpipe emissions. They wouldn’t do it if they were trying to inform the public. Instead they only try … Continue reading

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Was haben Diesel und Atomkraftwerke gemeinsam?

Change of scenery: A blog entry in German. [Ich schreibe selten auf deutsch. Rechtschreibefehler bitte entschuldigen.] Würde die Bevölkerung im Allgemein das verstehen, hätten die Bangemacher weniger Brennstoff. Etwas Wahrheit. Verbrechen gegen den Staat um absichtlich die Regeln zu umgehen. … Continue reading

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