About real environmental issues

An important message for all those concerned about real environmental issues

We must stop the useless waste of resources expended by tilting at the CO2 windmill.

The environmental movement has helped to cleanup the environment in developed nations since the 1970’s. The results were remarkable.

Let’s focus on propagating those improvements to developing countries; encourage them to leapfrog technology to at least the level of the mid-1990’s. The developing countries form a substantial and potentially-devastating environmental burden. Devastating if they do NOT rapidly adopt those viable technolgies.

Most importantly; keep in mind that the environment is only worthwhile preserving if there are people who can enjoy it freely. Those in developing countries struggle against nature every hour of their lives. In doing so, their subsistence land-use denudes forests and turns plains into deserts.

After our species becomes extinct; as there is a time for all species; nature will erase all trace of our existence on this small blue planet.

(Originally emailed to Australian Greens Senators 2009-11-27 and published on Facebook 2009-11-28)