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UK Leave Convinced, but Having No Idea.

John Brignell has awarded his Number of the Month to £350,000,000 This number is the weekly amount that “Vote Leave” claims the UK gives to the EU. It is not just a wrong number; it is a blatantly stupid, counter-productive … Continue reading

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George Washington: the first and greatest Brexiteer

Mary Ellen Synon blogs: I always feel uneasy when someone here in Brussels – usually one of the ‘Europe is my country” types – insists on drawing parallels between the development of the United States and the development of the … Continue reading

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Oh, Canada! What Have You Done?

From this: To this: Let us know when the adults are back in charge.

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FAQ: How is a Wind Farm Offensive?

Economically; because it destroys more prosperity than what it ever generates. Ecologically; because it consumes more resources and destroys more habitat than other power sources while altering regional climate. Energetically; because it cannot provide useful electrical power essential for modern … Continue reading

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Magna Carta: Reasonable Discussion

Attempting a reasonable discussion is pointless with the unreasonable. The unreasonable must be brought to the table by other means. If not by sword, then perhaps by satire.

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The Magna Carta – Clauses As Tweets

Originally posted on Homo economicus' Weblog:
One year from today will be the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. But what was this “Great Charter”, what did it say, and what meaning could this historical document have for us now?…

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