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How the Motor Car Saved the Cities

A reminder of gentler times found at Historic UK The Great Horse Manure Crisis of 1894 By the late 1800s, large cities all around the world were “drowning in horse manure”. In order for these cities to function, they were … Continue reading

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European Travel Without Borders – Schengen Simplified

With the European Union in disarray, there’s a lot of confusion and misinformation about the open borders within Europe. e.g. why people claiming to be refugees are streaming across borders. One thing must be clear: The Schengen Agreement is separate … Continue reading

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The #dieselgate Crusade (Part 2)

Following on from an earlier blog post The US-EPA, politicians, presstitutes and activists pretending to be journalists regularly conflate different types of tailpipe emissions. They wouldn’t do it if they were trying to inform the public. Instead they only try … Continue reading

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Was haben Diesel und Atomkraftwerke gemeinsam?

Change of scenery: A blog entry in German. [Ich schreibe selten auf deutsch. Rechtschreibefehler bitte entschuldigen.] Würde die Bevölkerung im Allgemein das verstehen, hätten die Bangemacher weniger Brennstoff. Etwas Wahrheit. Verbrechen gegen den Staat um absichtlich die Regeln zu umgehen. … Continue reading

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The Lemur Climate Conference

First picture as delegates bustle to collect their luggage after arriving at the airport. Picture found at Johns Hopkins University’s News-Letter site.

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European Alps Getting Colder

The presstitutes at the Sydney Boring Herald babble on about  Dismantling ski lifts in Europe as world warms up whereas rigorous measurements indicate that European Winters Show Clear Cooling Trend since Hansen’s 1988 Testimony. Claims of rising temperatures appear to … Continue reading

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Not Science. Not Engineering.

John Brignell at Numberwatch is not amused at the effluent from the University of Southampton, pretending to be a scientific/engineering paper in the journal Atmospheric Environment. The article titled “Direct carbon dioxide emissions from civil aircraft” (DOI: 10.1016/j.atmosenv.2014.06.042) by Matt … Continue reading

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Paris has the Seine. Brussels the Insane

Mary Ellen Synon writes about Brussels: Anyone who asks ‘Why were you in Paris?’ has never lived in Brussels For reasons lost in history, or at least beyond comprehension, the Manneken Pis has become the symbol of Brussels. Rome has … Continue reading

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