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Election Win in Western Australia for Diesel Generators

Western Australians voted in a Labor government on the 11th of March, 2017. Here are a few words on how sensible people might prepare for the next 4 years under Labor. The Australian Labor Party (ABC 😉 ) has a … Continue reading

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Czechia and Poland Give Germany the Shifts

Tallbloke reports Germany’s renewables revolution destabilises neighbours’ electrical grid  This has been going on for a while but is probably getting worse. The Poles and Czechs are now setting their phase-shifters to ‘stun’. 😉 H/T GWPF Germany’s excess power spills … Continue reading

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A Winter of Discontent

Deutsche Welle has an article that asks What happens with German renewables in the dead of winter? I note that the article avoids including graphics from Agora-Energiewende that illustrate the folly of the Energiewende; but DW includes the absurd declaration … Continue reading

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South Australia Relies on Satan’s Mercy

… to rely on the wind is to rely on Satan’s mercy! — in The Flying Dutchman by Richard Wagner (1843) Update 2016-09-30-09:30 below Update 2016-09-29-15:15 below All of South Australia (SA) was cast into chilling darkness after a storm … Continue reading

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FAQ: How is a Wind Farm Offensive?

Economically; because it destroys more prosperity than what it ever generates. Ecologically; because it consumes more resources and destroys more habitat than other power sources while altering regional climate. Energetically; because it cannot provide useful electrical power essential for modern … Continue reading

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Mind the Gap

There are attempts to pull the wool over the public’s eyes regarding the “success” of Germany’s Energiewende. Some loudly proclaiming nonsense that leads others to believe that “Germany gets most of its electricity from wind and solar power”. Here is … Continue reading

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Renewable Insomnia

An update on how well Germans are doing with their wind power is always available via the Transparency in Energy site. The figures shown are actual, not wishful. The total nameplate capacity of wind power generation for Germany and Austria … Continue reading

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