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The #dieselgate Crusade (Part 2)

Following on from an earlier blog post The US-EPA, politicians, presstitutes and activists pretending to be journalists regularly conflate different types of tailpipe emissions. They wouldn’t do it if they were trying to inform the public. Instead they only try … Continue reading

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The #dieselgate Crusade

If there is no physical evidence required for prosecution; simply an allegation of a possibility of harm in the indefinite future, then you’ve built yourself a happy tyranny. Consider the following piece of satire. It incorporates only 4 deliberate inventions … Continue reading

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Was haben Diesel und Atomkraftwerke gemeinsam?

Change of scenery: A blog entry in German. [Ich schreibe selten auf deutsch. Rechtschreibefehler bitte entschuldigen.] Würde die Bevölkerung im Allgemein das verstehen, hätten die Bangemacher weniger Brennstoff. Etwas Wahrheit. Verbrechen gegen den Staat um absichtlich die Regeln zu umgehen. … Continue reading

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Renewable Energy Policy Based on Naivety, Ignorance, Ideology, Illusions and False Incentives

Pierre Gosselin reported at NoTricksZone: Professor Blasts German Renewable Energy Policy! “Based On Naivety, Ignorance, Ideology, Illusions, False Incentives”! Germany’s online business news magazine WirtschaftsWoche (business week) here has an interview with Professor Gonde Dittmer (right), who claims Germany’s transition … Continue reading

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Masdar City: A Zero Carbon, Zero Waste Myth

Republished without permission from CURRENT SCIENCE, VOL. 102, NO. 1, 10 JANUARY 2012 Not only in popular media but also on serious scientific fora1–3 the up-and-coming ‘Masdar City’ near Abu Dhabi is being projected as a ‘carbon neutral, zero waste’ … Continue reading

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Fracking Fuels Competition and Freedom

With the OPEC prices of oil dropping through the bottom of the barrel, driven by the desire to send cheap oil from fracking into “bankruptcy”, fuel prices for motorists are dropping around the world. That doesn’t just save people money … Continue reading

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Not Science. Not Engineering.

John Brignell at Numberwatch is not amused at the effluent from the University of Southampton, pretending to be a scientific/engineering paper in the journal Atmospheric Environment. The article titled “Direct carbon dioxide emissions from civil aircraft” (DOI: 10.1016/j.atmosenv.2014.06.042) by Matt … Continue reading

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Australia’s NBN: Widening Driveways to Solve Freeway Congestion

Hey, it’s been a while since I posted an article as there has been too much on which to comment in depth. Worthy of mention is the government paying for people to call me to ask me questions on the … Continue reading

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The £28bn hidden cost of High Speed Rail

A reader has provided some information to a similar proposal for high speed rail in the UK; for a link between London and Birmingham. The UK Taxpayers’ Alliance Bulletin provides analysis of costs and the purported benefits at their site. … Continue reading

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Bullet Dodging Answers

In the continuing saga of the Bullet Train for Canberra political movement to spend other people’s money, some people are asking: Jessica Willcocks Hey how much is a train ticket from Canberra to Sydney actually going to cost?  Yesterday at … Continue reading

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