Bureau Just Makes Stuff Up: Deniliquin Remodelled so Rutherglen can be Homogenized

Jennifer Marohasy BSc PhD

Dr Marohasy

Dr Jennifer Marohasy reports on her blog:

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology just makes stuff up. You may remember Rutherglen, that town in north eastern Victoria, Australia, where the Bureau changed a slight cooling trend in the minimum temperatures to catastrophic global warming? After they were caught-out, they claimed the “adjustments” were necessary because there had been a site move. That’s right, moving a weather station between paddocks changed a cooling trend of 0.35 degree Celsius per century into a warming trend of 1.7 degree Celsius!

The Bureau, it seems, will continue to fabricate data to make weather records comply with the official projections deified by a soup of computers. Dr Marohasy is asking the Ministry of Truth Bureau of Meteorology for an explanation. See the complete blog article for the details.

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