Troll Bridges

In the realm of free speech; people are free to say anything and accept the consequences. Free speech is an innate right but no right is without a burden of responsibility for actions and consequences of exercising that right.

In the realm of free speech; people have the right to ignore what is being said. People cannot be forced to listen.

In the realm of free speech; people are free to argue freely about what is being said; to allow an audience to think and to make up their own minds as to the validity/veracity of what was being argued; in the reality of the audience.

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A Tortured Monkey of the Media

Tortured MonkeyJohn Cadogan has a popular YouTube channel called AutoExpertTV.

In his latest contribution, he castigates Volkswagen for being just like Hitler and accuses them of torturing monkeys in gas chambers.

While I agree that Volkswagen’s management culture since ca. 1990 is less welcome than a bout of tinea, John twists his knob way past 10 … and it appears to have fallen off completely.

In the published script (not a transcript) John vents:

What is it with these Volkswagen arseholes and poison gas? This time they’re torturing monkeys.

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The Greenhouse Effect Fallacy

Every now and then, one stumbles upon articles that clearly expose the scientific paucity upon which climatic catastrophism is constructed. But it is not in the interests of those who profit from catastrophism to recognize their errors. Instead they denounce the independent thinkers as heretic infidels for speaking against dearly held belief.

Frank Schnell wrote in 2016:

Dr. Frank SchnellThe so-called “Greenhouse effect” is one of the most persistent fallacies in popular science. It is a flawed speculation left over from the late 19th century, when it was first entertained by such scientific luminaries as Joseph Fourier, John Tyndall, and Svante Arrhenius.

In fact, however, the so-called “greenhouse gases” do not “trap” infrared energy radiated from the surface of the Earth, as proposed; they merely slow its inevitable return to outer space.

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A Time For Prayer

Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling

In times of war and not before,
God and the soldier we adore.
But in times of peace and all things righted,
God is forgotten and the soldier slighted.

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A Spectre of Meltdown

Turning it off and on again will not fix the problem.

Remain Calm

Timothy Prickett Morgan writes about a couple of the latest significant security threats to computers at The Next Platform. If thinking about computers hurts your brain; avert thine eyes. Else, it discusses and refers to details which I won’t reproduce here so it’s worth a click.

Chip designers’ tricks are back-firing as those tricks can be exploited by user code running on the machine, potentially exposing deeply-held secrets to nefarious types. The user code can be injected into systems by an injudicious click of a mouse button. Continue reading

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Why Wind Farms Suck
Found this paper.

Flow Adjustment Inside and Around Large Finite-Size Wind Farms

In this study, large-eddy simulations are performed to investigate the flow inside and around large finite-size wind farms in conventionally-neutral atmospheric boundary layers. Special emphasis is placed on characterizing the different farm-induced flow regions, including the induction, entrance and development, fully-developed, exit and farm wake regions. The wind farms extend 20 km in the streamwise direction and comprise 36 wind turbine rows arranged in aligned and staggered configurations. Results show that, under weak free-atmosphere stratification (Γ=1 K/km), the flow inside and above both wind farms, and thus the turbine power, do not reach the fully-developed regime even though the farm length is two orders of magnitude larger than the boundary layer height.

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We can see clearly now

Some would rather that you not notice that Terrible Air in India Killed No One


Thanks to Steve Milloy for clearing the air.

EPA claims blue-sky air kills 570,000 Americas per year. Below is a snapshot of recent air quality in India from today’s New York Times. The accompanying article fails to report that this filthy air caused any deaths. So what does that say about EPA’s claim?

In another article:

Nope, PM2.5 from forest fires doesn’t kill anyone, either …

As before, “Scare Pollution,” our California study and much other work and reality debunks the notion that PM2.5 kills anyone under any conditions. But researchers have even previously looked at whether PM2.5 from forest fires kills. Not surprisingly, the answer is, NO!

The only thing PM2.5 kills is junk scientist credibility.

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We should be grateful.

How the cost of light has fallen by a factor of 500,000

As the BBC recently pointed out, our prehistoric ancestors needed to gather and chop “wood 10 hours a day for six days… [in order to] produce 1,000 lumen hours of light… That is the equivalent of one modern light bulb shining for just 54 minutes, although what you would actually get is many more hours of dim, flickering light instead.”

By 1900, 60 hours of work could provide 10 days of light. The light bulbs would burn 100 times as bright as a candle, steadily, and inodorously. By 1920, 60 hours of work could already pay for 5 months of stable light. By 1990, that increased to 10 years of light. Today? 52 years.

The amount of labor that once bought 54 minutes of light now buys 52 years of light.

That’s real social justice.

Justice compromised by e.g. carbon taxes.

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CO2 is Not a Pollutant

The Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) is the new vehicle fuel consumption and emissions testing procedure being adopted in Europe and other places as of next year.

I visited the site designed to educate consumers and other parties and read:

The WLTP laboratory test is used to measure fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from passenger cars, as well as their pollutant emissions. …

[emphasis mine]

Dr Craig Idso talks about how real science that increasing CO2 provides a biospheric bonanza already evident in a global greening since 1982.

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Parliamentary Constipation

For those not familiar with the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia may be puzzled about the current distraction of government from its nominal business. The Constitution is the rules under which the Commonwealth operates and the clause that put parliamentarians in a pickle is Section 44(i) which reads:

44. Any person who –

(i.) Is under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or citizen of a foreign power: or

…shall be incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a senator or a member of the House of Representatives.

At first glance it appears only to be about citizenship, but read it again slowly and you may notice entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or citizen of a foreign power. It does not say all the rights, so just one of the rights and privileges available to citizens of a foreign power would disqualify somebody from nominating for or sitting in Parliament. Continue reading

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