Eat Meat

Blogger Pierre Gosselin reminded people on Facebook:

Three years ago I wrote what ended up being my best post ever — with over 650,000 “shares” or “likes”. EAT YOUR MEAT! Veganism is an eating disorder.

Pierre’s blog article can be found at NoTricksZone

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Election Win in Western Australia for Diesel Generators

Western Australians voted in a Labor government on the 11th of March, 2017.

Here are a few words on how sensible people might prepare for the next 4 years under Labor.

The Australian Labor Party (ABC 😉 ) has a penchant for “renewables”, regardless of the fundamental limits that make it inappropriate for the energy needs of modern, technological society. The South Australian experiment was destined to fail from the outset so the collapse of their grid in September last year was no surprise to anybody with something of an understanding of the fundamental limits of renewables and what it takes to provide reliable electrical power to consumers.

(Australian Liberal parties seem to have lacked the technological competence to provide it with the confident footing to rigorously oppose the insanity of plunging deeper into renewables.)

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Czechia and Poland Give Germany the Shifts

Phase ShifterTallbloke reports Germany’s renewables revolution destabilises neighbours’ electrical grid 

This has been going on for a while but is probably getting worse. The Poles and Czechs are now setting their phase-shifters to ‘stun’. 😉

Germany’s excess power spills over the border into Polish and Czech territory and threatens their electrical grids with collapse, companies and governments there say.

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A Winter of Discontent

Deutsche Welle has an article that asks What happens with German renewables in the dead of winter?

I note that the article avoids including graphics from Agora-Energiewende that illustrate the folly of the Energiewende; but DW includes the absurd declaration that Germany just needs more “storage”; apparently from somebody who cannot or who will not do the arithmetic.

So here’s the chart which illustrates that the installed capacity (of more than 80 GW on paper) of wind and solar power in Germany has been unable to meet demand since the start of December. This is of course not news to those who read the article Mind the Gap.

The winter so far

Renewable Shortages

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Elections have consequences … even with EPA’s illegal human experiments

Steve Milloy at writes about the continuing saga of the EPA’s illegal human experiments; exposing vulnerable individuals to what the EPA believed to be lethal particulate emissions from diesel engines.

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When All Fails, Declare Success

Coast-to-Coast Seabird Mangler

To rely on wind is to rely on Satan’s mercy — Wagner

In Europe; they’re already declared success in meeting their 2020 emissions targets last year.

With respect to the objectives set by the EU 20-20-20 strategy, nine Member states have already reached the level required to meet their national renewable energy targets for 2020: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Finland and Sweden. Moreover, Denmark and Austria are less than 1% from their 2020 targets, Eurostat stated. The furthest away from their renewable energy goals are: France (8.7% from reaching its national 2020 objective), the Netherlands (8.5%), the United Kingdom (8.0%) and Ireland (7.4%).

It’s a blunder of arithmetic exorcisms. Continue reading

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Of Droughts and Flooding Rains

Models, models everywhere. Climate researchers are still bogged down, looking for truth in the condensates of their own imaginations.


So they continue to publish papers like Future increases in extreme precipitation exceed observed scaling rates. An incomprehensible title to those not in the inner circle or familiar with the abstract jargon.  But such things are written to convince, not to enlighten.

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Germany on the Path to GDR2.0

A last, desperate struggle for power in Germany is starting. (1,2,3)

Government elites are seeking to suppress the free speech guaranteed in the country’s basic law.

Those who cannot construct a rational, evidence-based argument, try to limit the free speech of their opponents.

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Taxpayers to Fund Vendetta

Western Australia’s Department for Perpetuating Absurd Waste (Agriculture Division) appears to be vindictively attacking the business of the man who managed to rid the State of the arcane, fetid and irrelevant Potato Board/Potato Marketing Corporation (PMC). Is this a case of bureaucrats moving sideways after the dissolving of the PMC? As one trough empties, another fills?

Perhaps they’re sensing that the jig could be up for many of the useless taxgobblers. People are beginning to notice the spendthrift government while the ordinary people have to tightening belts.

Topher writes:

Potato Wars still raging in 2017 Australia


Government desperate to save face after humiliating loss in 2016

For a bit of background about the battle between ‘Potato King’ Tony Galati and the West Australian Government, take a look at this ABC article from 2015:

The PMC […] accuses Mr Galati of oversupplying the market, a claim that was also repeated by many growers when about 400 tonnes of potatoes were given away from the Spud Shed stores earlier this year.

Mr Galati had been ordered by the PMC to dispose of the potatoes, but opted to give them away through his store instead. […]

In its report tabled in State Parliament, the PMC said the oversupply issue was a significant reason behind a “challenging” 2014-15 season for growers.

“A substantial oversupply, largely by one grower, negatively [influenced] returns and distorted markets,” the report stated.

My favorite bit is how the Regulator, (a non-market participant whose job it is to distort markets by manipulating supply and pricing), accused a grower (a natural market participant) of distorting the markets. Can these people even hear themselves talk?

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Highly Effective Gmail Phishing Technique Being Exploited

101Wordfence is an independent company that deals mainly with security concerns related to WordPress. Yesterday however, they blogged about a current attack aimed at capturing Gmail/Google login details.

As you know, at Wordfence we occasionally send out alerts about security issues outside of the WordPress universe that are urgent and have a wide impact on our customers and readers. Unfortunately this is one of those alerts. There is a highly effective phishing technique stealing login credentials that is having a wide impact, even on experienced technical users.

Please refer to the blog article.

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