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Green Jobs for … um … Everybody!

A spokesman for sanity, the Boy on a bike, provides us with the official interpretation of “Green Jobs”: It turns out that according to the administration, “green jobs” include: college professors teaching classes on environmental studies, clerks at bicycle repair … Continue reading

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Entropy: The Final Victor

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:
NOTE: An update has been added below, using the press release that came out today after the news stories yesterday. While ironic that something designed to reduce CO2 emissions (and presumably warming)is actually…

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Renewable Insomnia

An update on how well Germans are doing with their wind power is always available via the Transparency in Energy site. The figures shown are actual, not wishful. The total nameplate capacity of wind power generation for Germany and Austria … Continue reading

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Redeployment of “Wind Powered” Generators

Originally posted on Obvious Inventions:
It’s becoming increasingly obvious that wind-powered generation is a practical failure; failing miserably to deliver electricity when needed. This invention makes use of the existing wind-generator structure and infrastructure connection to provide electricity generation when…

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