Troll Bridges

In the realm of free speech; people are free to say anything and accept the consequences. Free speech is an innate right but no right is without a burden of responsibility for actions and consequences of exercising that right.

In the realm of free speech; people have the right to ignore what is being said. People cannot be forced to listen.

In the realm of free speech; people are free to argue freely about what is being said; to allow an audience to think and to make up their own minds as to the validity/veracity of what was being argued; in the reality of the audience.


Trollhättan Railway Bridge

Internet trolling is not new. It’s been around for decades; even before the WWW. Think e.g. Usenet. There were avenues for trolling before the Internet; vis e.g. graffiti. Trolls pre-date bridges. 😉

Do not dismiss trolls out of hand. It’s not unusual for troll-ish (i.e. provocative) comments to come from recognizable people. Source known or unknown, the provocation is incitement of individuals to think; something that is abhorrent to the self-nominated guardians of true believers.

Once people begin to think for themselves; threatening a diversity of ideas. Such diversity is VERBOTEN in the politically correct bubble inhabited by establishment politics, social justice warriors, media and righteous academic “intelligentsia”. Inhabitants of that bubble are firmly entrenched in the idea that ordinary people are obviously incapable of thinking correctly for themselves; requiring guidance in all aspects of their lives.

Alas, not all “trolls” aim to provoke thought. Some are only in it for the attention (and “hits”). It’s up to the individual to decide how to deal with each comment/meme as they see fit. Those who think that most people are incapable o such judgement, promote “filters” and “authorities” to determine what the population is to think.

Keep in mind that the wise can learn from fools but fools cannot learn from the wise. It is a danger to reasonable thought to categorize individuals as trolls or otherwise. Such ad hominem bigotry must be avoided is one is to think clearly about the idea being presented.

Sovereignty over one’s thinking must never be compromised; by coercion or willingly. To out-source one’s thinking is to be a slave to others. Slave-masters care not about the consequences for the slaves when the slaves do as they are commanded.

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