A Tortured Monkey of the Media

Tortured MonkeyJohn Cadogan has a popular YouTube channel called AutoExpertTV.

In his latest contribution, he castigates Volkswagen for being just like Hitler and accuses them of torturing monkeys in gas chambers.

While I agree that Volkswagen’s management culture since ca. 1990 is less welcome than a bout of tinea, John twists his knob way past 10 … and it appears to have fallen off completely.

In the published script (not a transcript) John vents:

What is it with these Volkswagen arseholes and poison gas? This time they’re torturing monkeys.

Yes. Torturing!

John continues:

American Volkswagen arseholes in Albuquerque, New Mexico, locked 10 monkeys in airtight gas chambers and gave them cartoons to watch (to entertain them) while they were force-fed the exhaust from a diesel Volkswagen Beetle.

It wasn’t Volkswagen. It was New Mexico based Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute (LRRI) that ran the experiments in accordance with the applicable Animal Welfare Acts. While LRRI has previously transgressed those laws and been fined, there appears to be no evidence of such in these trials.

John also fails to mention anywhere in the video that BMW and Mercedes also sponsored the same trials. Despite such information being mentioned in other media.

By way of “background”, John provides:

In case you are not a casual observer of 21st Century history, let’s detain ourselves.

Adolf Hitler was chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945. Most people remember Hitler for his other accomplishments, but he was also the driving force behind the establishment of Volkswagen from about 1934.

20th Century, John. 20th.

John should read “The Battle for the Beetle” in which the history of the car company is detailed. It’s not as simple as the picture that he finger-paints.

John paints Volkswagen as being just like Hitler:

Hitler was a bit of a multi-tasker, unfortunately, also a genocidal maniac and (effectively) CEO of the final solution – the systematic execution of six million Jews.

… Hitler is most passionately despised, I think, for the gas chambers – a kind of mass production facility where the end product is dead people.

Hitler killed about one million people this way – a not insignificant proportion of the total.

I mention this because even today – seven decades later – you’d expect Volkswagen to be vestigially sensitive about conduct related to gas or gas chambers. The fact that they apparently are not is another brick in the wall highlighting Volkswagen’s absent moral compass.

Proof that Volkswagen is just like Hitler!

Then, John’s knob falls off completely:

When the new Volkswagen Polo is launched in 37 days, grab a brochure and look for the references to monkey torture. Probably omitted.

There is no evidence provided that the lab animals were tortured by LRRI during the laboratory trials. John provides no evidence. Just his opinion. Which he passionately voices several times throughout the video.

It would certainly not have been in the interests of the sponsors of the lab trials to torture the test subjects. Such introduces substantial confounding factors with consequences that would not be favourable to the sponsor.

It doesn’t make sense to actually torture laboratory animals if the objective is to show that exposure to a substance is not significantly harmful.

EPA Gases

Perhaps if the US-EPA had revealed that its earlier trials, where the human subjects did not provide informed consent in accordance with the Nuremberg Code; were exposed to truck diesel fumes without evident harm, then EUGT may have never have sponsored animal trials as they were superfluous.

Such details disrupt the narrative.

For while John professes to be an expert, he seems to have little appreciation of epidemiology, statistics or toxicology.  Thus he earnestly believes that particulate and NOx emissions must be prevented or at least limited to whatever levels bureaucrats determine arbitrarily.

Indeed John’s so gullible as to have fallen for the Global Warming scam preaching that we must reduce our CO2 emission to prevent the planet from warming. Never let proper thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and geology get in the way of a good scare.

P.S. 2018-01-30 13:23 WST

John’s “eloquent” response to substantiated argument:
When you have no argument …

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