TFFS – Taxpayer Funded Feckless Scientists

Never attribute to malice that which can be accounted for by incompetence.

Tony Heller (aka Steve Goddard on Twitter and elsewhere) of RealClimateScience produced a short video exposing the fecklessness of the “scientists” who signed a report in which there is no credible support for the graphics produced.

Heller explains how the charts in fact expose the incompetence/fraud of its authors whose objective it seems to be to tell a scary story; and not to explain a truth.Evidence of fraud or fecklessness?Ratios of temperature extremes? Seriously? And then on the Fahrenheit degrees scale and not an absolute temperature (e.g. Kelvin) as is necessary when trying to get useful results in thermodynamics?

Taxpayers are paying their salaries. Contributing to their pensions and other benefits. Heller refers to this as fraud, which I dare not because of the risk or punishment by the process of litigation, but I describe it as at least incompetent; deserving at least the immediate cessation of funding to the feckless.

Hat -tip to Pierre Gosselin; who has more at NoTricksZone.

P.S.: Some time ago, Christopher Booker wrote in the UK’s Telegraph that the IPCC’s ‘scary’ new report is needle stuck in an old groove.

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