Taxpayers to Fund Vendetta

Western Australia’s Department for Perpetuating Absurd Waste (Agriculture Division) appears to be vindictively attacking the business of the man who managed to rid the State of the arcane, fetid and irrelevant Potato Board/Potato Marketing Corporation (PMC). Is this a case of bureaucrats moving sideways after the dissolving of the PMC? As one trough empties, another fills?

Perhaps they’re sensing that the jig could be up for many of the useless taxgobblers. People are beginning to notice the spendthrift government while the ordinary people have to tightening belts.

Topher writes:

Potato Wars still raging in 2017 Australia


Government desperate to save face after humiliating loss in 2016

For a bit of background about the battle between ‘Potato King’ Tony Galati and the West Australian Government, take a look at this ABC article from 2015:

The PMC […] accuses Mr Galati of oversupplying the market, a claim that was also repeated by many growers when about 400 tonnes of potatoes were given away from the Spud Shed stores earlier this year.

Mr Galati had been ordered by the PMC to dispose of the potatoes, but opted to give them away through his store instead. […]

In its report tabled in State Parliament, the PMC said the oversupply issue was a significant reason behind a “challenging” 2014-15 season for growers.

“A substantial oversupply, largely by one grower, negatively [influenced] returns and distorted markets,” the report stated.

My favorite bit is how the Regulator, (a non-market participant whose job it is to distort markets by manipulating supply and pricing), accused a grower (a natural market participant) of distorting the markets. Can these people even hear themselves talk?

Well Tony Galati fought like few people know how these days, and won! The PMC was abolished at the end of 2016. Finally the WA potato growing market can enter the modern era and be freed from the ‘help’ of the government. …

So the Tony Galati saga enters it’s next chapter, with the WA Department of Agriculture picking up where the PMC left off by launching a lawsuit against Tony Galati for ‘damages’:

The Government is claiming damages, interest and costs against Mr Galati, and his company Galati Nominees for the alleged overgrowing. [Despite the fact that the body which set the growers quotas, the PMC, has now been abolished in what amounts to an admission that it was a bad thing, not a good thing! – Topher]

Mr Galati said the new legal action was a “kick in the guts”, and felt like a personal vendetta […] against him. He also said he would be making an appeal to the public to help him fund a defence of this latest legal stoush, because he could not afford to to do it personally.

Well I’m not having it. This action by the WA Department of Agriculture (DAFWA) needs to be mocked into oblivion. We need to make sure they hear such a chorus of mockery and laughter that they back out of the action in humiliation and never think about pulling a stunt like this again.

You can help make that happen. Here’s what the WA Department of Agriculture says about itself:

We aim to create a progressive, innovative and profitable agriculture and food sector that benefits Western Australia.

We support the success of our state’s agrifood businesses through services and partnerships that help increase industry profitability and sustainability, while safeguarding our state’s precious natural resources.

… and DAFWA will require pig farmers to train their produce to fly itself to market; to reduce the use of fossil fuels and wear and tear on the roads.

If chickens can fly, then why not pigs?

Look for pork in the poultry section of your supermarket.

Follow the link to the full article.

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