Germany on the Path to GDR2.0

A last, desperate struggle for power in Germany is starting. (1,2,3)

Government elites are seeking to suppress the free speech guaranteed in the country’s basic law.

Those who cannot construct a rational, evidence-based argument, try to limit the free speech of their opponents.

Justice Minister Heiko Maas threatens with legislation to make it an offence to publish something that is “untrue” which could damage the reputation of the State or those in government. Social media are already threatened with severe fines (starting in March) for not removing what is deemed to be “hate speech”.

Only totalitarians aim to suppress “hate speech” and other voices of dissent. But suppressing free speech is not enough if the people don’t like what the government is doing; it requires a pervasive police state with powers to prosecute on mere suspicions. Without a police state; rebellion will make government impossible.

But under a police state, it has been shown time and time again, that the people will eventually only do what is demanded of them, resulting in state bankruptcy and decay. With time, the instruments of state will crumble, even when all the people are effectively in labour camps. Economic collapse is inevitable without the initiative, innovation and industry of individuals in the free and lawful pursuit of prosperity.

The “trick” to sustaining totalitarianism is to fool the people into believing that they are free. This is done by re-defining freedom and to have people voluntarily trade liberties for a delusion of security; a security that only applies to the instruments of state, not the individual.

The state must detect and punish thought crimes that expose the trick. The illusion must be preserved; no matter how fragile. Those who independently perceive cracks, must be made to believe that they are at fault, needing education or maybe mentally ill; requiring treatment.

Free speech supports all other rights. It must be protected or all rights; all freedoms will eventually be taken for lack of being able to protect them.

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2 Responses to Germany on the Path to GDR2.0

  1. TexanForever says:

    Political Correctness is a thought control weapon of the left and must be crushed at all costs.

  2. This happening here.. I never thought that I would live to see socialism in the US of A.. You can’t even talk to a !LIBRATURD! or a !DEMOCRAP! without being labeled something.. !!!! WELL!! If I’m going to be labeled as,,, then I am!!

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