Children: Listen!

mediathekbild296_v-podcastColumnist Henryk Broder exposes Germany’s broadcast-licence (GEZ) funded NDR “Kids News” as an example of brain-washing children.


Germany’s GEZ (Gebühreneinzugszentrale) literally the Fee Collection Agency, collects about 18 Euros per month from every household per month which heaps up to around 8,000,000,000 (eight thousand-million) Euros a year to fund public broadcasting disservices in Germany. Fees apply not only if you have a radio or TV, but also if you have a PC or computing device as lowly as a smart-phone!

The legal basis under which the GEZ operates is quite shaky but they have the backing of all levels of government; and the finance sector. Their methods of collection are pervasive, persistent and enforcement can be draconian. e.g. One woman was imprisoned because she refused to pay (€190) and was only released early, after 61 days in detention (YouTube video in German), after substantial, public uproar.

The target audience is children. Young children are pummelled with messages about climate change, Brexit, President-elect Trump, etc.. Yes; the children. The programme includes sound-bites from children commenting and apparently reading “news” which contains a substantial amount of editorialising; without even considering the right comments made by vox pop‘s of what other children think.

Mandatory fees, collected by draconian means should one refuse, are being used to produce indoctrinating propaganda that will probably result in mental illness. And perpetual dependence.

Children aren’t small adults. Children need carefree times and games so that they can actually mature. The capacity to deal with worries develops only gradually. Premature introduction of external worries for which the children have no capacity to reasonably contribute in eliminating causes and/or to ameliorate damage will lead to, I fear, that the children will even when they reach adult age; not be in the position to independently deal with worries and problems.

A child must personally experience how its invented solutions succeed or fail.

Adding to that is the gift of a surfeit of worries being served up. Most of them so remote from the population, that individuals can do nought to deal with the worries.

Slogan: “No child needs to worry for itself!”: GEZ pays experts generously to provide the right worries, to propagate them and to ensure that the whole population is only worrying about those same things.

Such upbringing develops only dependence; aiming for a nation of serfs which through ubiquitous helplessness can only turn to the Nanny State to rid itself of the worries prepared and served up by the State (other worries being verboten/#fakenews).

There are unmistakable parallels in living memory of East Germany’s early indoctrination of children; from the creche. Followed by an uninterrupted diet of propaganda only ending when the final sod had been shovelled onto the coffin.

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