My Eight Questions to Angela Merkel

Translated without permission from the original in German at Die Achse des Guten

BHamed Abdel-Samady Hamed Abdel-Samad.

Honourable Federal Chancelloress,
Honourable Minister of the Interior!

Time’s up. Calendar quotes and the continual warning of the AfD are no longer sufficient to preserve the inner peace of the land. Of course, we must not allow ourselves to be paralyzed by fear, and yes, we must not follow the logic of the terrorists. But what have you, as the responsible politicians, done  since Paris, Brussels and Nice, so that the logic and tragedy of terror do not strike us?

As citizen and one of the most endangered people in Germany I have some questions to which I expect you to have clear answers:

1. How could a previously convicted Islamist like Amri, considered a threat by security authorities and observed, move freely about Germany and prepare for his deed without the authorities having the faintest idea of his plans?

2. How many billions of Euros are actually used to monitor violent Islamists? How many highly-paid terror experts and committees advise the federal governments? How many active, preventive projects are there? And what use is all this when a terrorist like Amri can’t be prevented from acting?

3. What happens to the 12 mosques that Amri frequented, occasionally as an Imam? What happens to other preachers who spread the same ideology as Amri in the name of freedom of faith in German mosques?

4. How many Islamists entered Germany during the rush of borders opening in September 2015? How many of them are being monitored by the police? How many have gone underground?

5. How many offences (personal injury, theft, sexual harassment, rape, etc.) were committed by people who entered the country as a “refugees” in the past 15 months? How many of them are already behind bars and how many people are still at liberty? And who protects us from them when the law and the police are overstretched? What did you do to ensure that Cologne, Ansbach, Würzburg, Freiburg, Hamburg and Berlin will not be repeated, other than to reiterate again and again that there can be no 100% security?

6. What has become of the other peaceful refugees? How many of them are learning German? How many are getting training? How many have a job? How many of them are frustrated and are close to radicalization?

7. I have no doubt that you, the Chancelloress, had good intentions when you opened the borders last year. But good intentions do not absolve responsibility for the failure. When will you finally take responsibility? When will you take appropriate steps? Why do you believe and why do so many in this country believe that you are without alternative? What is special about you? You do not create, but only manage the problems that you have created. They have no visions, except the desire to become the German Gorbachev, with all the associated tragedy!

When you, Mrs. Merkel, said, “We can do it,” I expected a plan from you that could answer my questions in advance. However, as your statement turned out to be empty rhetoric, I expect you to finally acknowledge the problem and reveal your plan to solve the problem.

And yes, before I forget it, one more question:

8. Do you still believe that Islam is part of Germany?

Happy New Year. We’ll see each other in 2017!


Errors in translation are all mine.

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