Life’s a Beach

Once upon a time,lifesabeachthere was an isolated beach, lapped by waves and flushed by gently tides and bathing under a pleasant sun.

Little fish noticed that there were quite a few morsels upon which to feed and because there were many different types of morsel, eventually many different types of small fish thrived.

Unfortunately, the many little fish attracted some larger predators; small ones at first; barely larger than the little fish and feeding mainly on the remains of the little fish that died from natural causes. With time however, there weren’t enough of the little fish turning up their toes and the larger fish started to chase after and to eat the little ones; quite a few of them alive.

The larger fish had no taste for the morsels which were the diet of the little fish that they’d eaten up in their entirety. For a little while, the remaining little fish retreated to the shallows where the larger fish could not go.

Then, one moon, came a strong tide so the larger fish could catch the little ones and gobble up almost all of them in the first night.

This would have been good for the larger fish except that the tide also made the water deep enough for some very big fish. The very big fish took no time at all to hunt down and to consume the larger fish.

Then, as suddenly as it had come, the tide retreated. It left the very big fish floundering on the beach; their live flesh rotting under the relentless sun until their carcass was pecked to the bone by squawking birds.

The beach had plenty of morsels for small fish. But the small fish may never return to that dangerous shore; put off by the stench at noon and many more squawking birds that had taken to predating upon the last of the brave little fish in the shallows.

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