Last Day of Internet? Act Now!

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I trust that you’ve been enjoying the Internet.

And the relative security of knowing that e.g. is really Facebook.

Perhaps more important for many; that their bank’s Internet presence is their bank and not just somebody pretending to be the bank; and that the sites that people access for software patches contain software patches to fix things and not trojans to spy on activity and to steal data.

And, let’s not forget, that email to your friends will be delivered to them.

Less important for many is the knowledge that accessing a government web site is accessing that government web site and not some other government (or crime syndicate) web site pretending to be that government web site.

Well, if US Congress doesn’t block the transfer of ICANN from the umbrella of the US government to the United Nations (UN) body; notionally the ITU (International Telecommunications Union).

Which sounds good until you scratch the surface and recognize that the UN e.g. elects Saudi Arabia — the place where women have to wear tents; homosexuals get tossed off roofs; and free speech that the hierarchy don’t like is like a suicide vest — to the Human Rights Commission; and that UN “peace keeping” means that soldiers wearing blue helmets cannot step in to prevent a genocide before their eyes. Yes, that UN: The one that combines ultimate authority and lack of responsibility with extreme fecklessness.

While only US citizens can technically do something about it by voicing their concerns with their Congress-critter, everybody needs to know that the physical foundations of the Internet are being transferred to an authority that doesn’t answer to the people.

There is no more time to procrastinate. The transfer of ICANN (and IANA) to the UN will almost certainly be for the worse of the Internet, the free speech that the Internet promotes and the audience that the Internet provides.

This is the last day for action to stop the transfer. If you don’t like the idea of the US government wielding some control over ICANN, then why throw it to the tyrannical dogs of the UN where there is not even democratic control or responsibility to the people?

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