Vote in the UK’s EU Referendum

Go out and vote if you are entitled to do so.

Don’t make your decision on how to vote based on personalities.

Rest assured that Boris Johnson won’t automatically become Prime Minister if you vote for the UK to leave the EU.

Look at facts. Look at how the EU has been performing. Looks at how the EU is being run. Don’t fall for the smoke and mirrors. It is easy to do because the EU is designed as a hall of mirrors.

Don’t be deceived by what looks familiar like the guy who commented on another blog:

However, I spent a little while yesterday trawling through the list of UK MEPs and I was surprised to find that there are many MEPs from the Right.

This gives the impression that MEPs are part of the EU’s legislative process. They’re not. The European Parliament is by its construction a feckless distraction from where the real power is exercised. While the well-salaried and generously compensated MEPs debate what is put before them, they do not actually legislate. They only debate before voting. But that voting is irrelevant.

Real power is behind the curtain. Keep an eye on the shell game.

It is the European Council in which (nominally) the head of state of a member nation sits. Every nation has equal weight on the Council. Council decides by consensus. i.e. in most cases, even a majority isn’t good enough; everybody has to agree to.

It is the Council that nominates the members of the European Commission. It is the Commission that ultimately determines what the MEPs are to be discussing, or what they’ll make a regulation without discussion. The Commission, as the “executive” and comprised of nominees supposedly representing each member state but who are sworn to betray their own country if it conflicts with the objectives of the EU, proposes legislation and makes things happen.

The EU isn’t just undemocratic. It’s anti-democratic.

In another blog comment it was thought that the remain vote would succeed because:

Quite simply the EU would make our life hell if we voted Brexit and any negotiations would take years with all the uncertainty that would involve. In any case we lack the leadership to do it effectively

This of course plays on fears. Irrational ones. Exploiting ignorance.

One of my Tweets

#EUref Should you commit to stay in a relationship in which you’re threatened with harm should you #leave?

Let me make this clear: There are no years of uncertainty.

Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon under which the EU was morphed to be the suprastate with lots of power but no responsibility provides for a mandatory, 2-year period of “negotiations” after the European Council is notified of a member’s intent to leave.

If you’re looking at certainty, then consider that most people of the EU are pretty certain that the EU is moving in the wrong direction. A clear majority of those surveyed in half the member nations think it’s the wrong direction vs the right direction. A simple majority in 21 out of the 28 member nations think the same way.

I’ve plotted out the chart of the ratios of wrong to right using data collected in November last year by the EU and published as Eurobarometer 84.EU-WrongDirection

Switzerland has withdrawn its application to join the EU and Iceland has put its application on ice.

You want more certainty? Well, you can be certain that the EU will lie.

President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker had no qualms when he admitted that ‘When it becomes serious, you have to lie’. Such is the culture of the EU. Here’s a short video clip on the lies told to Norway; as just one example.

Still worried about uncertainty? Well, the UK, when it decides to leave can get to grips with the starting the process of untangling the EU’s tentacles in its domestic affairs. Many of those entanglements things have already been identified in e.g. the Flexcit (PDF) document that has been a work in progress for many years.

To leave is not a step into the darkness. There is some illumination should you care to switch on the lights.

The certainty with leaving the EU is the retrieval of sovereignty.

That alone ought to a good enough reason to vote to leave.

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