UK Leave Convinced, but Having No Idea.

PublicInformationSymbol_EmergencyExit.svgJohn Brignell has awarded his Number of the Month to £350,000,000

This number is the weekly amount that “Vote Leave” claims the UK gives to the EU. It is not just a wrong number; it is a blatantly stupid, counter-productive and campaign-wrecking wrong number. It openly invites the devastating put-down that it has received. Whether its use is an act of treachery or incompetence is unclear, though it is hard to believe that anyone could be that incompetent. The EU bureaucracy has previously exhibited its skill in rigging referendums – “You will keep on voting until you vote the right way: then you will stop!” …

I put my money on incompetence (or laziness). They found a number and ran with it, not knowing what it means nor understanding that people will check.

But don’t let the incompetence of some ruin your lives. There are plenty of good reasons; not discussed by the chattering classes; for the UK to leave the EU.

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