EU Confirms it’s Heading in the Wrong Direction

As there’s a referendum on the 23rd of June that will allow the people of the UK to vote to leave the EU, I’d like to provide another reason to vote to leave. First, the data:

According to the EU’s own Standard Eurobarometer 84 (30MB PDF) Report from last November; fewer than half the people in EU member countries think the EU is heading in the right direction. Here a graphic from page 88 of that report.

WrongDirectionEUIn November last year, there were 13 other member states where at least as many people as in the UK people thought that the EU was heading in the wrong direction. i.e. the people of half of the EU member states are quite cheesed off with the direction that the EU is taking.

It’s also clear that in only 6 member states was the EU perceived to be more heading in the right direction than the wrong. And one of those 6 was Poland, so you may as well make that 5 after the EU declared laws by Poland’s newly elected government to be illegal.

The matter of direction is also illustrated by the time trends (page 87) which show the Wrong and Right Direction lines for the EU28-average diverging since 2010, with Wrong being higher than Right.When one downloads such reports, it’s always wise to take the comments with a pinch of salt and just look at the numbers and the methods and to come to one’s own rational conclusions.

So how does this support a vote to leave?

The people of Britain have over the past century rallied twice to free the people of Europe from imperialist overlords. This time around, it can be done quite comfortably and minimal risk of bloodshed by means of a piece of paper in the hand of every British voter at the ballot box.

As before, the British can inspire courage in the many European people by their example.

Data illustrates that the people of the UK are far from alone in their dissatisfaction with the direction that the EU is heading. Vote leave and show other European peoples that they can throw off the shackles of foreign overlords and recover their own sovereignty.

Only by leaving the EU can any country show that it’s grown up enough to decide for itself which direction it should go; that it embraces the risks as the price of liberty and the potential of an independent prosperity.

Even if it’s not to save Europe from the tyranny of the EU, UK must still vote to leave because the EU is clearly not heading in the right direction.

This is a chance to get off the train that’s clearly going the wrong way. Who knows when or even if there will be another chance to get off before it reaches its final destination.

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