UK Votes: In or Out

great-debateToday, the 7th of June, is the last day when British expat’s can register to vote in the Referendum being held on the 23rd.

That’s the day when the people of Britain vote in a referendum on remaining or leaving the European Union.

Recent articles here on the EU:

To help understand the EU one must look people who’ve been dissecting it for decades.

People like Mary Ellen Synon and Dr Richard North. The former has been “embedded” in Brussels for decades as a journalist, the latter is a historian with at least a decade of work on an EU Referendum. Both are quite unlike the majority of commentarians because they do allow facts to get in the way of their arguments. Christopher Booker often works with Richard North on certain subjects and “blogs” rationally in Britain’s Telegraph.

The Remainers’ Project Fear campaign claims that there is no detailed plan the UK to leave the EU; that it’s a step off a precipice into the darkness. In reality, many have worked with Dr North for several years to develop his strategic plan (Flexcit PDF) for the UK to leave the EU; and what happens to the UK subsequently.

For different views, e.g. Spiked editor, prolific columnist and communist Brendan O’Neill frequently comments on the subject on Facebook.

There are zillions of blogs, Facebook pages and Tweeters offering opinion and judgement on the subject; but it’s very easy to become misinformed; to join in a group think that entertains ideas not supported by reality.sad_face_europe

One pervasive reality is that dissatisfaction with the EU is increasing. Its routine failure to achieve what it says it is doing is on the nose in the powerhouse nations of the EU. Dissatisfaction in France and Germany is higher than in the UK because the European Council that decides what Directives and Regulations are spewed forth, gives equal weight to tiddlers and whales.

Growing dissatisfaction is documented in e.g. the EU’s own Standard Eurobarometer 84 (30MB PDF) Report from last November.

There’s lots of spin applied in the commentary but the charts speak for themselves. e.g. “Optimism outweighs pessimism in ten Member States.” (p67) The astute will note that that means that the majority of the 28 EU member nations are not optimistic.

Futher; when half the people of Luxembourg think that the EU is going in the wrong direction (p88) there has got to be a recognition of a lack of confidence in the EU. Even the EU “average” has nearly twice as many saying that it’s the wrong direction rather than the right.

Note that the surveys for the report were conducted before the EU tried to interfere with Poland’s internal politics. So there’s bound to be quite a shift in public opinion in Poland.

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