Butter Up Your Life

As many have suspected for quite some time cholesterol is not bad for you. Well it’s not the demon that some would like us to believe. There have been decades of false signals based on a flawed hypothesis, not just relating to cholesterol in food, but on the consumption of animal fats in general.

The first step that you can take to get back to a reasonable enjoyment of food is to Stop Refrigerating Your Butter. A simple butter dish can help get your diet back in balance, reducing a tendency to consume sugar and all too much grain, simply because you don’t feel satisfied after eating what ought to be enough to keep your body nourished and energised.

A butter dish does two things:10702895

  1. It stops the butter warming up or cooling down too quickly; if it’s a traditional one made from ceramic or earthenware; and
  2. It stops air getting to the butter, leading to the butter going rancid.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a butter dish. I found a small one in the supermarket and it cost the same as 500g of cheap butter.

My “stock” of butter is stored in the refrigerator but I slice off a large chunk and put it in a butter dish well before I try to spread it onto bread. Only in the hottest weeks of summer does the butter need any refrigeration; and then the butter dish gets put in the wine fridge (thermostat set to about 18°C) after breakfast and back on the kitchen counter in the late afternoon.

I’ve found that the “ideal” spreading temperature of butter varies but is above 20°C and below 27°C.  20°C is usually just a little too cold to spread onto untoasted bread. If the kitchen is likely to remain above 27°C for some time, then storing the butter dish in a cooler place will stop it getting the runs.

When cooking with butter; a better idea than using margarine or cheap vegetable oil; then slice off a chunk from the butter in the fridge.

By the way; letting cheese reach room temperature before you eat it also makes it more enjoyable in flavour and texture as well as “filling”.

N.B.: I’m an Engineer; not a Nutritionist.

P.S. Peter Hitchens blogs at The Daily Mail

Fat doesn’t make you fat. Butter is good for you. So is cream. Skimmed milk is a futile punitive measure, not a foodstuff, a way of making ourselves needlessly miserable which has taken over the world on the basis of an illusion.

Be less trusting of all fashionable ideas, is my advice.

Gullibility and conformism never advanced civilisation by a single step.

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