A letter to British voters

Excerpts from a letter from Pete North:

Dear British voter,

Terribly sorry to interrupt your largely apolitical lives with all this referendum nonsense. Must be an awful chore to have to inform yourselves about something and make a decision. This is normally what you pay politicians for.

By now you will have been told by the great and the good that the sky will fall in and nobody will want to talk to us if we leave the EU. You strongly suspect it’s bullshit and you are absolutely right.

So what does happen if we leave? Well, to be honest, not a lot to begin with. Not so you would notice. After forty years of political and economic integration, leaving it overnight is impossible. If you vote to leave it’s just an instruction to send the process into reverse. We will leave the same way we went in. Gradually.

I make no bones about it. This is a huge change in our relations with Europe and it is a revolution in government at here home. It will cause a period of political disruption and like all change there will be winners and losers. But this is not about the next five or ten years. This is about the long term future of Britain as an independent nation, capable of self governance.

I take the view that whatever it may cost, it will be worth it. Things do need to change and after nearly twenty years of watching the EU closely I believe we will be safer, better off and more democratic if we leave. …

This is not about leaving “Europe”. This is about ending the supremacy of a remote political entity which has no democratic mandate. There may be a price to pay if we leave, but we can manage. But history shows us that people without democracy will always pay a far heavier price. It is better that we pay for our mistake now than to pass the consequences of our political cowardice onto the next generation. Our democracy is not ours to give away. We are only custodians of it. History will think us fools if we surrender it so easily. Please, vote to leave.

Follow the link to read the letter in full.

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