Renewable Energy Policy Based on Naivety, Ignorance, Ideology, Illusions and False Incentives

Pierre Gosselin reported at NoTricksZone:

Professor Blasts German Renewable Energy Policy! “Based On Naivety, Ignorance, Ideology, Illusions, False Incentives”!

Germany’s online business news magazine WirtschaftsWoche (business week) here has an interview with Professor Gonde Dittmer (right), who claims Germany’s transition to renewable energies so far has been a grand failure. The title of the WirtschaftsWoche piece:

“Doubts over the government’s climate policy. The true aim of the Energiewende is not environmental protection.”

An illusion…not a single kilogram CO2 saved

Dittmer, a professor of mathematics and electrical engineering, tells WirtschaftsWoche that all the solar and wind energy installed so far has not saved a single kilogram of CO2 and that these renewable energies are not green at all.

Huge tab for the public


He also believes that the electric cars will be a folly because much of the energy gets wasted and that they would only further burden the current supply system.

Follow the link for the whole article.

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