Anti-Lomborgs Object to a Sense of Proportion

Further to my previous article related to the University of Western Australia refusing to host the Copenhagen Consensus Centre even when $4,000,000 (of “my” money) are waved under its nose; Manicbeancounter Kevin Marshall blogs regarding ATTP on Lomborg’s Australian Funding:

What he is rejecting as simplistic is the method of identifying the interrelated issues separately, understanding the relative size of the problems along with the effectiveness and availability of possible solutions and then prioritizing them.

In other words: ATTP (and others) object to anybody with a sense of proportion.

I write “anybody” because, once the protagonist of a conflicting idea has been identified, it’s not the idea that matters any more. It’s personal and that means no longer listening at all to that person and doing whatever one can to prevent others from possibly hearing those conflicting ideas. Others are urged to shun the protagonist, lest they become contaminated.

Such behaviour is unscientific. It’s more like that expected of infants or members of a religious cult.

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