Believing in Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast, and Climate Models

Dr Christopher Essex explains in this YouTube video how you can make two million dollars (around the 26 minute mark) thereby allowing climate models to actually work. finiteBecause the climate models don’t do any actual physics. Begin by solving the Navier-Stokes Equations. Resolve P vs NP. closure Does that look like “basic physics”? The finite representation of values with which (digital) computers work prevents the models from correctly “seeing” the small but significant details in the equations. That is how things are: Fundamentally frustrating any tractable modelling. Brew up a cup of your favourite tea/coffee, grab some biscuits (aka “cookies“), a notebook and pencil; and settle down for an hour and enjoy the video.

Footnote: Some people notice the problems: Tropical Cyclones in High-Resolution Global Climate Models identifies 13 problems with models failing to produce the real magnitude and occurrence of “small” regional effects like hurricanes. If you’ve understood the important points of Dr Essex’s presentation, you’ll know why.

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