Australia’s Climate Youth’s March

Tony Thomas writes about the little Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) darlings; marching in their cute costumes; and anybody can join. One only need a name (any name will do), state of residence, “age” and an email address. They’re acceptingly diverse; even spaniels can join to show their concern for a safe climate future. Or maybe just because they’re going along with a friend. Not just the spaniels, I suspect.

The AYCC’s Gauleiter at the University of Western Australia likely kindled the pyre upon which Bjørn Lomborg’s Consensus Centre was incinerated, as an example to all those who would dare to challenge ideas. It seems that the AYCC considers some ideas to be too dangerous to be heard even by critical, professional thinkers at a sandstone University.

But don’t let me spoil all the fun. Let Tony Thomas fill you in on the details of the slick AYCC machinery behind the clumsy costumes and stunts.

FWIW: I concluded many years ago that the concept of catastrophic, anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) was a tragedy of (lack of) science and am therefore at odds with the rationale behind expenditure to “deal” with something insignificant and essentially undetectable.

I still bought Lomborg’s DVD when it was in the discount bin at JB’s, watched it and had little problem with him promoting rational, targeted expenditure to produce tangible and measurable effects. My issue is only with forcing people to contribute to causes that others believe to be worthy; because that is a mechanism that is exploited by too many involved with the “causes” for their personal prosperity.

Hear the full story before you make up your mind. Universities are supposed to be places where ideas clash and are challenged by reasonable argument; not by shunning the people who present those ideas.

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