Fracking Fuels Competition and Freedom

With the OPEC prices of oil dropping through the bottom of the barrel, driven by the desire to send cheap oil from fracking into “bankruptcy”, fuel prices for motorists are dropping around the world.

That doesn’t just save people money when the refuel, that cash can be used to further improve their prosperity. They can choose to spend it on something else or to spend more on fuel drive further for pleasure or to pursue bargains further afield than previously. It means that more suppliers are a viable option for more people so pricing will be tend to be increasingly competitive.

Quality of life can improve as people rediscover the long-lost pleasure of a weekend drive in their own car; exploring the world beyond the horizons of their daily humdrum.

And, although interest rates are still low, some may wisely pay off their debts a little bit sooner, using some of the money saved at the bowser.

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