Helping people who have fallen into a “climate panic”

(Adapted from Realizing my own discriminatory feelings was the moment of awakening)

I feel that “climate panic” has a similar system of reliance to that of cults. In the world of those who have fallen into a panic, there are friends who will accept them among all their unfulfillment and anxiety. People of a similar disposition can help lick each other’s wounds. Moreover, there is a lot of exchange of information on the internet, away from the annoyances of reality. Even more, it’s possible to give up thinking with your own head. There are “gurus” or, in this case, “sources of frightening information” to show you the way, so it’s not very taxing. I felt a complete sense of safety in this nice space that doesn’t exist in the real world.

However, such a space doesn’t resolve any problem whatsoever. What’s more, it’s built on fabrications, even though the people who live in it both don’t, nor want to realize it. I think there are as many ways to get out of it as there are people, but maybe the only way to change is to slowly take heed of the information which others point out. I think the help of one’s circle of friends is necessary.

I think that the fact that I have this “heaviness” in my heart is a large cause of why I fell into this “climate panic.” However, I don’t think everybody is like me. I think there must also be people who aren’t very good at finding information, who can’t think clearly because they worry too much about their children, who aren’t very outgoing and so have trouble getting information, or who cannot see problems from other perspectives. I think that these kinds of people would be easier to bring out of their panic than myself.

I answered the questions in this interview with the idea that I would like to help these kinds of people, if I can. We should not criticize or attack people who have fallen into a panic. We should instead benevolently help them.

I only changed one word in the quoted text: “radiation” in the original was changed throughout to “climate”.

h/t Leslie Corrice at Fukushima Accident Updates

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