Nedlands Mayor Promotes Environmental Damage and Subsidies for the Wealthy

(Elevated from a blog comment at JoNova)

Nedlands council’s solar-panel decree labelled an ‘act of socialism’

(Paywalled article at The Australian. You know the drill.)

A council in Perth’s dress circle has triggered an animated debate with an unprecedented decision to compel home owners to install solar panels or wind-power generation.

Ian Argyle, a long-time resident and Nedlands councillor, described the rule as an “act of socialism”, but Mayor Max Hipkins argued it was no imposition since the cost was about the same as what residents in the ­riverfront suburb would typic­ally spend on a dining-room table.

Mr Hipkins … “There is this attitude that the western suburbs are so rich they don’t need to worry about wasting energy, (but) we should demonstrate that there are good reasons for having solar power”…

Mr Argyle opposed the measures, labelling them an act of “socialism” that stripped home owners of their free will. …

Easy peasy. Apply to put up a 3MW wind turbine on your property. That’ll supply barely enough electricity for one household on some day; even consume some for several hours on a few other days. The neighbours might appreciate the artificial breeze.

In the local newspaper Cambridge Post (PDF) on Page 1:

Mr Hipkins said that the mandatory on-site power generators would reduce the amount of power lines and reduce power cuts in Nedlands.

  • It seems that nobody asked the Mayor how people will get their peak electricity in the evening if there are not enough power lines.
  • It seems that nobody asked the Mayor why the rich should be compelled to exploit subsidies for PV.

It appears that Mayor Hipkins has no expertise at all in energy supply and is as a consequence; an environmental vandal. Perhaps an investigative journo can look into Mayor Hipkins’ connections. People don’t become that stupid without good reason.

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