Looking for the Missing Heat

First, a tweet reproduced by Thought Leader™ William M. Briggs:

Climate Scientist walks into a bar, says,
“A pint of


Barman: “Why the long pause?”

Climate Scientist: <sobs>

Meanwhile, Joanne Nova presented an image with opportunity for caption comment that I could not refuse. The custom-captioned image is produced here.
Looking for the Missing Heat

(Even if I had Comic Sans on my computer, I wouldn’t use it.)

Original image credits go to Cranky Curlew.

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2 Responses to Looking for the Missing Heat

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  2. nzrobin says:

    I reckon the missing heat has gone back to space, pretty much like it always has. http://www.kiwithinker.com/2014/10/an-empirical-look-at-recent-trends-in-the-greenhouse-effect/

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