Human Rights Scandal in Sweden

Investigative journalist Donna Laframboise reports that the UN-IPCC is secretly detaining delegates from many countries until they agree to statements put before them.

At the meeting, one sentence after another has been projected onto large screens. Diplomats, bureaucrats, and politicians from dozens of UN nations have haggled, horse traded, and negotiated. Eventually, phrasing that everyone can live with has been agreed upon. Then they’ve moved on to the next sentence.

That sounds like inhumane coercion to me, especially in view of reports of those subjected to the UN-IPCC’s previous activity where delegates could not leave until they agreed. Here’s just one report that Donna quotes:

tripodgirl_sky_wires1_500… an agonizing, frustrating process, as every sentence had to be wordsmithed on a screen in front of representatives of more than 100 governments, falling farther and farther beyond a realistic schedule by the hour. In Brussels in 2007, the process ran all night on the two final days.

Incredibly, this sort of torture is sanctioned by the United Nations.

Why won’t anybody think of the delegate’s children?

Link to my previous article on the atrocities.


Evidence of sleep deprivation, a common method of torture and brain washing (via WUWT) ipcc_vicechair_tired_tweet

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