Save the World: Eat More Chocolate

In this Guardian article, Stephen Emmott tells us that Humans are the real threat to life on Earth.

It takes around 27,000 litres of water to produce one kilogram of chocolate. That’s roughly 2,700 litres of water per bar of chocolate. This should surely be something to think about while you’re curled up on the sofa eating it in your pyjamas.

Quite a bit more than a drop in the ocean.

So if you’re worried about global warming climate change angry weather and your personal contribution of CO2 emisssions, then Mr Emmott has given a clue as to how you can ameliorate some of the alleged effect of rising sea levels: Eat more chocolate. All other things being equal, that should entitle you to substantial CO2 offsets.

Felsche ChocciesAll the water that’s used according to Mr Emmott to make chocolate, obviously won’t make it into the oceans so, there being less water in the oceans, the sea levels must be lower.

Never has saving the planet been more rewarding for those who don’t have mates that can give them a job as Climate Commissioner (a.k.a Soothsayer).

(h/t) Donna Laframboise

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2 Responses to Save the World: Eat More Chocolate

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  2. Farmer Ted. says:

    Lucky I didn’t have to drink the water to get my chocolate

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