Last Day to Change the World

Well,  the last day to contribute to a video project that’ll make it clear that it’s by far more expensive to try to control the weather, than to deal with its consequences.

Christopher Field (Topher) has been producing enlightening videos on various subjects, financed on shoe-string budgets and he needs our help for his most ambitious project so far.

50 to 1 project: The true cost of ‘action’ on climate change.

What if we could show you that trying to ‘stop’ climate change is 50 times more expensive than adapting to it?  And what if we could prove it using numbers and formulas accepted by the IPCC, CRU and other ‘consensus’ bodies?  Well that’s exactly what 50-to-1 does.

Samples of Topher’s previous work can be found at The Forbidden History as well as the usual Internet video site.

If you’ve got a few or a lot of dollars to spare; perhaps a Lotto win to collect, then there’s hardly a better investment than the 50 to 1 project. Imagine; every dollar you send saving you $50 in taxes. Well, it doesn’t work exactly like that. Though it can be even better… in the long run, preventing massive mal-investment in trying to manage weather; usually funded by taxpayers.

The message is international. Almost every government in the world has implemented policies that squander their taxpayers’ money on measures purported to “stop” global warming.

For Australian taxpayers; the video will be finished just in time to inform voters for the upcoming federal election.

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