A Tale of Two Steves

Lewandowsky will no doubt be “missed” by everybody in Western Australia.

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Stephan Lewandowsky, Professor of Cognitive Psychology, formerly of the University of Western Australia, now of Bristol University, England, recently published a paper establishing a causal link between climate denial and belief that the Apollo moon landing was a hoax. This link was based on four anonymous responses (out of a total of more than 1300) to a faulty on-line survey. There is good evidence that two of the four responses were faked.

This paper has received widespread uncritical publicity in the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian, the New York Times, the New Yorker, Huffington Post, the Raw Story, the Daily Beast and Salon, and elsewhere.

Professor Stephen Emmott, Microsoft Professor of Computational Science at Cambridge, (and also Professor at Oxford and London) had a notable theatrical success last year at the Avignon Festival and the Royal Court Theatre, London. He received rave reviews and favourable interviews in the Guardian…

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