Celebrating(?) 21 Years of Lies

An article in Tallbloke’s Talkshop reminds me that the lies have been going on for 21 years.

The link to the (archived reprint) of Gregg Easterbrook’s questioning of environmentalist rhetoric that would have us believe our planet is on its last legs at the Independent (UK) provides a historic perspective.

Friday 7 August 1992
… in the conferences that preceded Rio, environmentalists and diplomats from developing countries relentlessly hammered Washington about the greenhouse effect, because this is where the United States can be made to seem the wolf, all others gentle ewes.

Such overstatement managed to convince everyone, including the White House, that global warming was the main issue to be addressed at Rio – although artificial warming is strictly a speculative threat, secondary or even tertiary compared with confirmed problems such as species extinction or, in the Third World, unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation. …

There is something bordering on the indecent about the world’s heads of state gathering to bestow many tens of billions of dollars upon a hypothetical ecological concern while not lifting a finger to assist the 3.2 million Third World children who die each year of diarrhoeal diseases communicated through impure water. …

[on ozone] Senator Al Gore, of Tennessee, now the Democrats’ choice for vice-president, declared the findings ‘an immediate, acute emergency threat, the single most important issue facing this country and this Earth’. …

It’s worrisome that Mr Gore, the bright light of political environmentalism, seems increasingly to believe that the only correct stance is to press the panic button on every issue. …

[Gore’s book] Earth in the Balance does not mention that before his death last year, Revelle published a paper that concludes: ‘The scientific base for greenhouse warming is too uncertain to justify drastic action at this time. There is little risk in delaying policy responses.’ …

Mr Gore, and environmentalists generally, find it especially painful to acknowledge that there has been significant ecological progress on most fronts in the United States in recent decades. Air, water, toxic landfill and sewage pollution are steadily declining, even as population increases …

Lately, Mr Gore and the distinguished biologist Paul Ehrlich have ventured into dangerous territory by suggesting that journalists quietly self-censor environmental evidence that is not alarming, because such reports, in Mr Gore’s words, ‘undermine the effort to build a solid base of public support for the difficult actions we must soon take’. …

Mr Gore, for example, says reporters should attach little weight to scientists who question greenhouse emergency claims, because perhaps 2 per cent of credentialed researchers feel that way. ….

Enviros today risk the same progression of events. Once they were disenfranchised outsiders, invariably right where industry was invariably wrong. Now the movement is a monied faction of the establishment, with many satisfying right/wrong distinctions blurred by the very reforms environmentalists set in motion. … If environmentalists keep proclaiming that nature is ending when daily the sun continues to rise, they may find the public’s ‘oh, shut up’ point can be reached on environmentalism, too.

Easterbrook didn’t foresee that, once embedded in the establishment, that environmentalists could enrol the general public by offering them bribes in the form of subsidies, paid for mainly by those who are helpless or don’t share the religion; as well as those who do share the religion but are willing to pay indulgences to have their sins excused.

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One Response to Celebrating(?) 21 Years of Lies

  1. Trouble is, the whole issue depends on the majority of the public not asking any tough questions about what they are told. Once such a majority starts doing that, the thing looks less like a ‘problem to solve’ and more like a ponzi scheme built on sketchy media reporting and outright marginalization of all its critics. That’s the ultimate tipping point here.

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