Science corrupted? Who’d have Thunk?

Scientists cooking data to serve the agenda?

Why are the press “not interested” in the largest scandal of the era?


We’ve all heard of the global banking fraud. But corruption in science is also costing us billions. Increasing evidence points to an epidemic in scientific misconduct as governments, science institutes and the media fail to address the common core of this societal malaise.


In Britain, as institutions such as the Institute of Physics and the BBC are currently being exposed in corruption and incompetence, we examine the latest data to see how far scientists have been  falling down that slippery slope to ignominy.

Daniele Fanelli first brought attention to this issue in 2009 with the publication of her shocking findings in the peer-reviewed journal PLoS One. In this article we explore why, despite growing evidence of widespread scientific misconduct, few media outlets, governments or science institutions appear willing to address the issue.

Surveys among scientists themselves suggest we may draw strong parallels between the deregulation of the banking sector and…

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