Bullet Dodging Answers

In the continuing saga of the Bullet Train for Canberra political movement to spend other people’s money, some people are asking:

Jessica Willcocks
Hey how much is a train ticket from Canberra to Sydney actually going to cost?  Yesterday at 12:25


Bullet train for Canberra

Check out the report http://www.infrastructure.gov.au/rail/trains/high_speed/index.aspx more detail in the next report due out in November. Yesterday at 17:09

Good luck finding the answer in there. It isn’t. It’s quite likely that they don’t know that the answer isn’t in there because the content of the report isn’t important; only its volume. Perhaps Jessica could refer to the costs of loans to fund the folly, as I did towards the end of  my first article on the Bullet.

Oh and of course November is way after the election. When the party’s candidates hope to have themselves with a seat on a parliamentary gravy train. Politicians and straight answers? About as likely as a Bullet train being privately funded and making a profit on its own merits.

Earlier on:

Melissa Meadowcroft
Hi I am writing a story on the Bullet Train for Canberra for University- can any one point me in the direction of a group/organisation/individual who apposes HSR?? (other than Alan Joyce) It would be highly appreciated! 11 October at 10:39


Bullet train for Canberra

Melissa great question, i reckon you will be flat out trying to find a group/organisation that opposes HSR. A Bullet Train from Canberra to Sydney (57mins) and Canberra to Melbourne (2hrs) has benefits for almost every sector of the community. Good luck. 11 October at 13:23

Well of course it’ll be difficult if they keep deleting comments from their FB page that make salient points and ask the difficult questions. They block “offenders” from the making further comments.


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