One Hand Clapping

As if Bullet Train for Canberra weren’t already exposing their fantasties enough, they’ve got FB “community” pages for Newcastle and Sydney.

One can see the one hand clapping on the pages.

If you want to be banned, ask them about electricity supply when reliable power stations are being closed down and where the “private funding” of (now) over $30,000,000,000 will come. Note the pretty chart refers to the never to be reconciled capital expenditure as an “investment”. Such is of course more than just a little misleading.

The conslutants’ report to which the Bullet Trainers love to refer makes it clear that the capital cost of high speed rail systems is never recovered. I pointed that out to them on their Canberra page and got banned with my comments and their excuses for answers deleted.

Perhaps they’re using the mass of the report and not its content as justification for spending other people’s money; by getting themselves into parliaments and forcing taxpayers to pay for the construction of white elephants and a gravy train for a few.

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2 Responses to One Hand Clapping

  1. The fact alone that they deleted comments on their page made by yourself just proves that they have no justification for the policies they are implementing. It’s actually disgraceful to think that this is what this country has come to, where voices are not heard because they conflict with their views. Just embarrassing.

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