The creeping betrayal of democracy in Australia.

Pointman: Optimist.

Sadly, an electoral land-slide against the ALP won’t be enough. Nor will the political death of the Greens suffice.

Those of uncomfortably-left will simply take an electoral defeat as them not having been effective at communicating their message. They will continue to change the rhetoric; with the deceptive language to try to plumb resonance from the electorate. And as long as the ABC is their willing platform, it’ll be taxpayer-funded propagandizing.


For various reasons, I’ve travelled a lot and had the opportunity to meet and get to know, people from many different countries and cultures. It’s one of the pleasures of life and if you’re a gregarious person, which I am, you find out about each other. Like you and I, they all had their own cultural centric view on the world, and when you get past that and down to the basics of the person, you either like them or not, but that’s just you and that particular person.

That cultural veneer is important though. It reflects the society they were brought up in, and when push comes to shove, it’ll be the ethos of that society that will govern their instinctive reaction in many a situation. In my experience, it’s possible to make some broad but accurate generalisations about people who come from a distinct culture.

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