Mary Synon Blogs on the EUrapeein Language

She’s back.

The commission want your ‘opinion.’
Oh, give it to them.

Leg irons wikiOkay, you know this already: you’ve just one way to get this country out of the EU – and yourself out of the hideous shackles called ‘citizen of the EU’ which David Cameron locked on your ankles when he agreed to let the Lisbon Treaty stand – and that is by an election which throws this lot of euro-true believers out of Government.

The official version is that ‘already over 8,404 EU-citizens have already had their say on the future of Europe by participating in the broad web-based consultation on citizen’s right and the future of Europe…On May 9, Europe Day, the European Commission called on European citizens to help set the policy agenda for the years to come and shape the future of Europe.’

Now, stop right there for a moment before I go into details of this propaganda ‘consultation’ and I will call your attention to two things.

First is the repeated use of the word ‘citizens.’ It has been clear for some time that the memo has gone out around the European institutions that spokesmen are to use the word ‘citizens’ at every opportunity. None of them ever says ‘people’ anymore or ‘the voters of the different countries’ or ‘citizens of the various member states.’

Nope, the idea hammered home again and again is ‘citizens of the EU.’ As in ‘Citizens cherish’ – yes, ‘cherish,’ that was the word used – ‘their rights under the Schengen Agreement.’

Second is the use of the word ‘consultation.’ You will be hearing a lot of that word coming out of eurocrats in the coming years. Reason: the euro-elite intend that the use of national elections and national referenda by the peoples of the (once sovereign) nations of this Continent in any matters to do with the EU is to be suppressed.

Don’t stop. Keep reading her blog. It may the only thing you see from Brussels that makes any sense.

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  1. Edward Spalton says:

    If you go to , the website of the Campaign for an Independent Britain (CIB), you will find details of a booklet called “A HOUSE DIVIDED: Can Parliament serve two masters – the Nation and the European Union? Every MP and peer has had a copy.
    The section on the Lisbon Treaty by our Irish colleague, Dr. Anthony Coughlan is a very concise summary of the position of the EU’s “citizens” . Unfortunately we don’t get EU grants, so we have to charge £2.50 for the booklet.

    In fact, it was Mr Major who first made us EU “citizens” under the Maastricht treaty. The Home Secretary confirmed that the Queen herself was in the same degraded position and therefore sovereign no more. This was done by ministers, sworn to uphold the sovereignty of the Crown against all foreign powers whatsoever.

    (Ed. I’ll excuse the shameless plug.)

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