IPCC Update

The IPCC (International Panel on Chocolate Cats) has reached the irrefutable conclusion that all cats are made of chocolate. Anthroprogenic breeding of domestic cats has resulted in their entire physiology being comprised of some type of chocolate.

In its 14th  Summary for Policymakers published by the IPCC in 2010 has been followed up with supporting reports from experts in the field of chocolate cats, documenting decades of ground-breaking research using computer models. The 2011 Conference held in Davos, Switzerland ratified consensus positions on the measures necessary to avert an irreversible chocolatification of all mammals by the end of the century in it’s 9th Assessment Report.

Chocolate CatsConference sponsors included major makers of anthroprogenic chocolate are understood to have urged a global ban on the anthroprogenic breeding of cats, but could not be reached for further comment.

The electrified perimeter fence surrounding the conference venue was breached several times by zoologist and veterinarian deniers of the science. Some of the deniers, describing themselves as “sceptics” have described the IPCC as being irrational and potentially dangerous, citing examples of children, believing the chocolate cat hypothesis having been taught about it in pre-school, have tried to peel several live kittens.

Adrienne Lucia Frangipanni

IPCC stated that such reports don’t invalidate the science as they have not been made by experts in chocolate cat science.

PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals) speaker Adrienne Lucia Frangipanni said that the deniers were evidently too stupid to understand chocolate cat science and that the children had difficulties peeling the kittens because they were starting at the wrong end. Although there were several ways to peel cats, one always had to start at the same end.

N.B.: I have nothing at all to do with chocolatecats.com, etc.
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