Response to Paul Bain

Responding to a Bain in the neck.

Musings from the Chiefio

I posted this over at Jo Nova’s site, but I’m documenting it here, too. ( I’ll even fix up a typo or two and one ‘close bolding’ that I didn’t catch 😉

I think it sums up my ‘attitude’ toward folks who want to remake the global economy in their image and at our costs, while also addressing my attitude toward “Denier”.

The Posting

Dear Paul Bain:

First off, thank you for responding.

FWIW, I am a hard core skeptic. I’m the “target” of your analysis. As such, what folks like me think ought to be particularly important to you. So a bit of history on me and climate change.

I first came to the AGW issue thinking “Gee, this looks important, I ought to learn more about it.” At the Skeptic sites (like WUWT) I had generally kind acceptance and explanation of where I had parts missing…

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