Australia’s Precious Electricity

While you’re wondering how to pay your next electricity bill with the Carbon Tax imposed on top, have a look how the price of electricity compares to that elsewhere around the world.

International Comparison of Electricity Prices

Electricity Prices in Australia: An International Comparison (2011)

In its report on prices, the Energy Users Association of Australia compared 2011 electricity prices in Australia to those around the world. The graph (click on it to see a larger version) clearly shows some Australian States to have electricity prices amongst the highest around the world.

And those figures are from before imposition of the Carbon Tax which could, by itself, add 5% to 10%. It certainly won’t make electricity any cheaper.

Australia has enough coal, gas and oil to provide the country with affordable, plentiful and reliable electricity for hundreds of years. With new generation nuclear power, that could be tens of thousands of years of electricity supply. But government policies demand that electricity providers pay environmental indulgences, subsidising fantasies of renewable energy, at the same time destroying the wealth and resources that could be used to develop real generating capacity.

The more you pay, the less you get.

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